CLEARED4 is a Cloud-Based Global Health Monitoring Platform.

Our global infrastructure includes servers on multiple continents, millions of users, multilingual user interface, in-country, and managed services partners.

CLEARED4 has a unique approach connecting end-user health and safety data to organizations in a secure and real-time manner.

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CLEARED4 seamlessly connects end-users to their health information and matches this to the organization's compliance rules in real-time.

Future-Proof Your Organization
With Our Real-time, Cloud-based Health
and Safety IT Platform

CLEARED4 is an end-to-end, cloud-based health and safety IT solution to protect against the spread of communicable infectious diseases. CLEARED4 also promotes contact tracing, test management and proactive monitoring, which are essential for disease containment.


Powering millions of safe entries a month, CLEARED4 is used by businesses, event organizers, education institutions, and travel companies. Both domestic and multinational firms have turned to CLEARED4 to solve their real-time health management needs. Our infrastructure has been deployed across multiple countries, serving millions of users, in dozens of languages, by issuing over 100 million safe entries, regardless of industry or size.

We have worked with organizations across multiple industries to solve their unique equation for:

Health and Safety Compliance = Access. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that solves every health compliance challenge.

CLEARED4 helps you see the big picture, understand your organization's health data, and take steps to provide safe access to reopen business, stay open and productive.

CLEARED4's operating system is essential for a rapidly changing healthcare landscape for infectious disease management. We have worked with organizations across multiple industries to solve their unique equation for:

Health and Safety Compliance = Access.

Read more about CLEARED4’s new Full-Service Managed Services Solution. Read more about our flexible options. 

Learn how CLEARED4's dynamic global platform can future-proof your organization with our real-time, cloud-based health IT platform.

You Know What Matters Most to Your Organization

No two CLEARED4 clients use our platform the same way. We work with organizations across multiple industries to solve their own unique equation for Health and Safety Compliance = Access. CLEARED4's efficient, cloud-based Health and Safety IT system is an essential tool for the successful management and monitoring of communicable infectious diseases.

From pandemic response planning to disease management to real-time mass communication systems, CLEARED4 can customize a solution to meet the unique needs of each organization to protect against a wide variety of health crises. CLEARED4 has become the most trusted health verification platform for managing COVID-19 related safety and compliance.

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And many more!


Key Benefits of the CLEARED4 Healthcare IT Platform


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Rapid deployment, can be up and running - out of the box - in hours.  Operates in real-time.

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Use on any device: no app to download, no password to remember, easy and intuitive to use.

Also can integrate via APIs with any enterprise IT system, partner software, existing app.

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We help each client establish their own unique rules engine and protocols for health data management. Updates are applied in real-time.


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CLEARED4 is helping the world reopen and stay productive by issuing over 100 million of safe entries, regardless of industry or size.

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Flexible Ways to Work with CLEARED4

CLEARED4 is the only health and safety solution you need to ensure operational readiness. We offer clients flexible ways to augment their staff with our self-service platform or as a full-service solution leveraging our experienced health and safety teams. 

You can trust us to keep your team safe. With CLEARED4, you’ll have everything you need to maintain compliance with government regulations and protect your employees.


Make sure your business is prepared for anything – sign up for a free trial of CLEARED4 today!

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Tired of managing multiple vendors for your health and safety solutions?
Reach out to today to learn how your organization can be prepared for more than just COVID-19.

CLEARED4’s Health and Safety Compliance Solutions

CLEARED4’s operating system is essential for a rapidly changing healthcare landscape for infectious disease management. CLEARED4’s platform has helped hundreds of organizations manage the complexity of government mandates, organization risks, and employee expectations on health and safety during the pandemic. CLEARED4’s health verification platform is an end-to-end health management ecosystem that future-proofs companies and helps them stay safe and productive while preventing disruption.


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Vaccination Management

  • Confirm vaccination status in days, not months

  • Individual identity verified

  • Immunity expiration countdown when vaccine boosters are needed

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Testing and Tracking

  • Global Video Proctoring services for authentic test results

  • Securely upload test results in our HIPAA compliant platform

  • Test Kits - You can set up a program to buy in bulk and provide kits to your employees


Health Surveys

  • No app required, no passwords to forget, and works on any device

  • Daily 5-second surveys are customizable

  • Customize screenings to meet your organization’s needs

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Building Access Controls

  • Automated building access to enforce entry policies 

  • Runs on tablets, kiosks, devices

  • Integrates with access control systems via APIs

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Contact Tracing

  • Automated and immediate notification of potential exposure

  • Cross-reference vaccination status, testing status, contact tracing, and more

  • Helps prevent outbreaks, facility shutdowns, and lost productivity


HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

  • Color-coded management of  COVID-19 health and safety 

  • Integrated tools to manage quarantine or testing protocols, exposures, and access

  • Customizable for each workplace


What People Say About Us

 "Our goal is to ensure maximum safety for our staff and guests. We believe that the comprehensive and flexible solutions offered by CLEARED4 will provide our organization with immediate tangible benefits."

Doug Behar | SVP of Stadium Operations

New York Yankees

College Lecture_edited.jpg

We needed to build integrations between the CUNY vaccine database and the CLEARED4 solution that met both HIPAA and FERPA higher education requirements to maintain the integrity and security of that data. There was the right level of commitment by all teams to get the system up and running within 6 weeks.”

Brian Cohen,

Former Vice-Chancellor and CIO of

The City University of New York (CUNY)

Watch Brian Cohen explain how The City University of New York (CUNY) integrated its vaccine database with CLEARED4's real-time, cloud-based health IT platform.


A Powerful Global Presence

CLEARED4 has developed a set of global solutions (Health Surveys, Access Controls, Contact Tracing, COVID-19 Testing, and Vaccine Management) currently available in all regions in which we operate, ensuring access to our most advanced technology across the globe.

CLEARED4 is being used around the world to help organizations stay open and productive.  We serve:  North and South America, European Union, and Asia Pacific. To complement our global offering, we also provide country-specific products and solutions that address local needs with a range of cost-effective, and fast turnaround testing products through our partners.







Work With The Proven Global Leader

CLEARED4 is being used around the world for real-time health-monitoring, space management and process compliance - all to help organizations stay open and productive. Proud to partner with our global clients.

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