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Acellent Plus EHS


The Customer

Independent film and television production studios

The Partner

Founded in 2020, Acellent Plus EHS is a California-based business consultant service that provides solutions to support businesses and organizations with their safety goals. The company has successfully helped businesses, event venues, and schools reopen safely–and remain open–throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Acellent has also been instrumental in helping independent film and television studios continue to work safely during the pandemic and beyond. Through their partnership with CLEARED4, Acellent has provided a cost-effective way for small studios–a segment of the entertainment industry that has often been underrepresented and underserved–to effectively manage daily health data, contactless testing, and reporting services.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge to independent film and television studios. Unlike their larger, multi-billion dollar counterparts, smaller studios did not have the luxury or financial means to bring a testing lab in-house, yet they still needed a way to monitor the health of their employees, as well as the on-site talent and crew. Running tests through outside labs was laborious, and results often took days to process making them largely irrelevant upon receipt. In addition, wearing a mask was not an option for on-camera talent which made having reliable test results, in real time, all the more important and non-negotiable. Lastly, manually recording and managing health data was time-consuming and protecting private health information, particularly of high-profile individuals, was not guaranteed.

The Solution

Acellent partnered with CLEARED4 to give independent production studios a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and secure platform to efficiently collect and disseminate health data through a fully automated, daily health survey.

The customized application:

  • Collects and uploads information related to COVID-19

  • Evaluates the potential for exposure

  • Communicates information to selected segments of the studio

  • Implements a best practice protocol as needed

  • Ensures all studio visitors can safely partake in in-person activities

  • Securely stores all compliance documentation in one place

“The ability to have real-time health information, especially in the entertainment industry, has been the key to survival for many of these smaller production studios. CLEARED4 has made it possible for them to go about business as usual and also to remain compliant with local regulations. Instead of needing multiple people to manage lab results and all of the resulting communication, CLEARED4 handles it all–automatically. This platform is translatable beyond COVID, too, for things like the flu and even mental health. Employers have realized that they need a tool for ongoing monitoring of their employees’ health, and CLEARED4 makes the process easy and seamless.”

Dr. Ethan Huynh  |  Founder & CEO | Acellent Plus EHS


The Benefits

To date, Acellent has conducted thousands of COVID tests and uploaded the resulting health data to the CLEARED4 platform. As a result, independent production studios have been able to confidently commit to projects, keep their workforce safe, prevent widespread outbreaks, and ultimately, survive the pandemic. They continue to use the platform to safely and securely communicate time-sensitive information to selected segments, designated by zones, of the studio.

What’s Next

Using the CLEARED4 platform, production studios have up-to-date, reliable data at all times and are able to pivot compliance protocols quickly, even as local COVID-19 regulations evolve. For example, the new Cal/OSHA regulations stipulate that employers must maintain records of COVID-19 cases for the next three years, which is easy with CLEARED4. As we have transitioned from the pandemic to the endemic, many organizations recognize that basic health benefits are no longer sufficient. There is a need for employers to actively engage with their employees, as well as to monitor their health status which can have safety implications for the entire team. Not only is there a productivity cost if multiple employees are out sick, but there is a morale cost, too. Post-COVID, many employees want to know that their employer cares about their well-being and is taking steps to protect it long-term.

Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers success stories.


The American Cancer Society required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of attendee and staff adoption, CLEARED4 provided a solution to provide safe access.

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CLEARED4 replaced manual efforts with a fully automated, customized all-in-one platform to ensure safe reopening of operations in three different workplace locations.

students on campus.png

CLEARED4 aided the Harper College COVID response team in granting safe access, producing management reports and ensuring adherence to COVID policies and best practices.

fintech office workers sq.png

CLEARED4 ensured a financial services firm had up-to-date data to adjust their compliance protocols.

Utilizing the daily health survey, the client was able to gather important insights into the health and safety of their employees. The dynamic group messaging feature allowed for efficient communication within teams. Read more about how CLEARED4 helped them protect their employees from COVID-19.

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