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When employees, visitors and customers know that you are taking proactive measures to protect their health, you build confidence and faith in the integrity and good reputation of your organization. Partnering with CLEARED4®, indicates that your organization prioritizes the health and safety of staff, visitors and customers.

Maintain or Increase Revenue

As we know, customers have many choices when selecting a service provider. Leveraging CLEARED4® in your communication to prospects and clients will help them prioritize your business over others.

Cost Savings

CLEARED4® can help reduce staff needs for compliance documentation and prevent loss of revenue from business closures, related cleaning & testing costs. With 3 positive tests in any location, all staff must undergo expensive testing and quarantining, affecting your ability to operate. The annual cost of CLEARED4® is a fraction of these costs and does not include the incalculable damage to your company reputation.

Legal Exposure

Partnering with CLEARED4® also offers proof of the compliance measures your company is taking to prevent staff exposure at the workplace. In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, you will have all the documentation easily available to mitigate any legal challenges from staff or customers. OSHA is also starting to fine companies for not complying with the Covid-19 guidelines and protocols.

Customer Case Studies

Business Meeting

Deccan Value


See how a financial service firm created a scalable return workflow while giving staff peace of mind about their safety and a complete audit trail for liability coverage.




Learn how CLEARED helped LEGENDS, a premium experiences company specializing in delivering solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues, reopen safely and efficiently.

C4 Case Study: Misonix


MISONIX a best-in-class ultrasonic medical devices company

wanted to open up their facilities from the C-suite down to warehouse workers. See how CLEARED helped them do it.

From Our Customers

With employees split into 4 separate teams over two locations, we felt it was essential to keep track of questionnaires digitally, rather than manually with pen and paper. The aim was to have a perfectly well-kept log and for us to be able to intervene immediately, in case anyone was showing symptoms. I want to protect the health of our employees and customers as well as insure that the stores remain operational at all times. CLEARED has proven to be the perfect solution.

Ruediger Albers, President, Wempe

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