Other Advantages CLEARED4
Delivers to Organizations

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 Productivity / Business Continuity

Only individuals who meet specific health criteria are allowed access to buildings/plants/operations. This ensures no loss of productivity due to illness. Health checks are a critical element of an organizations' business continuity/risk management plan, and of particular importance, to supply chain partners.

Plus, by using CLEARED4, employees see how seriously the organization takes health and well-being - which provides peace of mind to those working in shared spaces that they are safe.​

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By staying open and fully operational, organizations are able to continue to produce goods/services and generate revenue. Reliability and consistency can lead prospects/customers to prioritize your organization over others. 

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Cost Savings

CLEARED4 is automated – eliminating time- and money-consuming manual processes for COVID management.  Reduced recruiting cost is associated with loss of associate base due to lack of health/safety protocols. With no outbreaks - there is no downtime due to illness.

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Legal Exposure

Documented processes, systems and data associated with protecting people from COVID exposure can mitigate any legal challenges from staff or customers. 


With CLEARED4, organizations are compliant with government mandates around vaccination status - which means no fines or hits to reputation.  

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Building a COVID Battleplan?  We Can Help.

CLEARED4 offers Consulting Services related to COVID-19 planning. Our medical staff has extensive experience on COVID-19 related plans, COVID testing, and technology. We can help your company create the best environment to keep your employees and clients safe after returning to the workplace.  We can assist in multiple key areas including:


  • Assessing risks for transmission in the workplace

  • How to establish the best real-time tracing

  • How to monitor critical symptoms and establish health checks to capture all individuals who may have had exposure or illness​

  • Other onsite engineering controls