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Automating Your Cal/OSHA Compliant COVID Management Plan

CLEARED4 is a turnkey platform to automate your compliance with Cal/OSHA's new COVID-19 prevention regulations that have just been extended by two more years!

10 things you need to know about the new rules

Did you know that on February 3rd, 2023, the California Occupational Safety and Administration approved new and updated regulations on how to manage COVID-19 exposures in the workplace that are enforceable for the next two years?  


In addition, the fines for non-compliance are now significantly higher and can be in excess of $150,000.  It’s time to throw away your manual spreadsheets or paper documents and automate your compliance workflows with CLEARED4 for the long haul.


CLEARED4 offers the only turnkey solution that handles all of these new and updated Cal/OSHA requirements out-of-the-box. Which means we can have you up and running in just a few days. Our HIPAA-compliant solution reduces your operational burden by up to 80% and mitigates the risks of large fines creating an immediate ROI.

Protecting confidential information required by the Cal/OSHA Recordkeeping/Reporting Requirements is important for businesses. In order to do this effectively, CLEARED4 separates medical records from personnel files, securely storing them in separate areas. This ensures critical patient privacy standards and allows organizations to confidently protect their confidential data.

Summary of the 10 most important Cal/OSHA rules and how CLEARED4 automates each one.

Cal/OSHA fact sheet
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Download CLEARED4’s Cal/OSHA Fact Sheet

The CLEARED4 Cal/OSHA fact sheet helps identify new regulations for COVID-19 exposures.

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The CLEARED4 platform has allowed us to track exactly what is happening on campus on any given day so we can make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. One of the main reasons we use CLEARED4 is to help with data management as it pertains to the new CAL OSHA regulation.

Lisa Lopez  |  Information Technology Department  |  Santa Barbara City College

Our Full Health & Safety Solution

Need more than just Cal/OSHA compliance?  Check-out all the modules of our Health & Safety platform including vaccine management, daily health surveys, door control and more. CLEARED4 combines six critical components to provide a comprehensive health platform that helps clients create and maintain safe spaces during pandemics, flu seasons, and other disease outbreaks.

Strict Access
Contact Trace
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COVID-19 Test
Compliant Dashboard

Contact us to learn how CLEARED4’s health and safety command center helps organizations make more informed compliance decisions.

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