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Atlantic Council


The Customer

The Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan organization, promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community's central role in meeting global challenges. The Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century by informing its influential network of global leaders. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., The Atlantic Council hosts hundreds of events each year across the globe.

The Challenge

Each year, The Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Leadership Awards event gathers an elite, international audience – including political leaders, foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, military commanders, and international business leaders in Washington, DC for their leadership achievements.

To ensure optimum health and safety standards for over 500 guests, Atlantic Council event planners required guests from all over the world to provide proof of vaccination and a negative test result taken within 48 hours of attending the event. Organizers wanted attendees to have the option to test at home so they could track results before the event. Communication was extremely important, so the ability to customize messages in other languages was key.

The Solution

The Atlantic Council has been at the forefront of instituting protocols to keep guests and staff safe. CLEARED4 automated the testing process and vaccine verification by issuing access passes to those who provided a negative test result, reducing the administrative burden on event planners and demonstrating Atlantic Council’s due diligence in providing the safest possible environment for all. The event organizers were able directly to message guests should urgent information need to be shared prior to the awards ceremony.


Atlantic Council used the CLEARED4 solution for:


Testing people before they go to the event


Grant or deny access based on status


Generate custom event analysis and reporting


“There's a lot of complexity to organizing high-profile events. With so many people coming from across the globe, CLEARED4’s real-time platform allowed us to maximize compliance of our COVID-19 protocols ahead of the event.  We also leveraged CLEARED4’s managed services to help us with on-site testing to ensure a smooth run of show”

Mary Kate Lambert

Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

Whats Next?

In July 2022, The Atlantic Council used CLEARED4 for the second time - an international multi-day conference in Brussels, Belgium using CLEARED4’s European server. This event also required guests to provide proof of vaccination and upload their negative tests in advance. In September of this year, The Atlantic Council is planning to use CLEARED4 for the third time for the Global Citizen Awards in New York providing COVID-19 test kits to symptomatic and exposed guests using CLEARED4’s testing partner.


Beyond COVID - Safe Spaces & Events.

CLEARED4 is helping trade shows and industry organizations get back to business. A critical step is to manage event health and safety by using a platform that can accommodate health data from international exhibitors, participants and workers and that follows privacy requirements from global regulators (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR).

CLEARED4 COVID-19 Safety Modules

✓  Customizable: We can quickly adapt to each client use case and pain point 

✓  Privacy compliant: We comply with global privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, FEFRA) 

✓  Fast: Our automated solutions operate in real time, be up and running in days

✓  Frictionless: We can integrate with any IT system (HR, building/venue access, etc.) and can operate on any device - no app to download, no passwords to remember

✓  Proven: With over 2 million active users worldwide, we are preventing outbreaks/business disruption, maintaining operational continuity and productivity

CLEARED4’s platform seamlessly customizes rules for different locations that give organizations the option to create specific settings. A CLEARED4 Zone can handle a variety of scenarios such as visitors or employees, geography or location, and remote or onsite groups of people. Zones make it easy to manage your events, stay compliant, minimize outbreaks, and provide a safe working environment.

We understand the importance of safety for all attendees as well as your business’s reputation. CLEARED4 has the most advanced and configurable vaccine booster management platform available, ensuring your event can meet any rules to match government, regional, or corporate mandates.

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