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Blended Family

Productions, LLC


The Customer

BLENDED FAMILY, a film production company was eager to start filming again in Ohio after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic but they wanted to ensure that they would be filming in a safe way for crew and talent and comply with state and CDC regulations.

The Challenge

A film set often requires being in tight quarters with the filming crew, actors and support staff. How could BLENDED FAMILY track everyone’s health status meticulously, be alerted immediately of any staff irregularities and yet not expend a great deal of time and resources on tracking, following up on staff and extensive documentation?

The Solution

BLENDED FAMILY knew they would need to test everyone multiple times a week, document everything and get real-time alerts of any symptoms that may pop up. CLEARED4 allowed for complete automation of symptom tracking, HIPAA and CDC compliance and staff notifications. The real-time text and/or email alerts to staff proved a life-saver!

The Benefits

Everyone was able to come on set quickly, easily and smoothly. The process of showing a GreenPass, getting a temperature scan allowed everything to move very smoothly. Taking the approximately 15 question health assessment kept everyone careful and aware of their health situations. BLENDED FAMILY with the assistance of CLEARED4 did not have an outbreak!

"We were going to do it the old fashioned way with pen & paper and individual surveys. We saw that it was going to take a long time and was unmanageable! CLEARED4 made things very easy and fast. The platform expedited the screening and made everything very quick and easy. They arrived, showed their pass, took their temperature and that was it. It definitely made things go a lot quicker.


We didn’t have an outbreak on set! We had a close call. An individual showed up negative, But over the weekend they started developing symptoms. Someone on the team picked up on them logging their symptoms on (CLEARED4) and reached and said you have to stay home and you need to get another test and sure enough that person was CV-19 positive.  I think it helped make that individual more aware of their situation and talk to someone about it."

Garrett B.
Administrator for Blended Family Film Production


Protect Your Companies Health and Reputation by Keeping Your Staff, Vendors, and Visitors Safe.

CLEARED4 is the leading technology in keeping offices open through health and safety compliance. Our tools allow team members to see who is where and when, in real-time. 

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