Deccan Value



The Customer

DECCAN VALUE INVESTORS is a global investment fund serving endowments, foundations and other long term oriented investors

The Challenge

DECCAN is located in Connecticut, a densely populated state within the NYC tri-state area. In order for them to open, DECCAN needed to meet certain state regulatory requirements. They are a small company without a large staff to track and maintain personal health records while also complying with HIPAA requirements. Furthermore, they lack the medical expertise to keep up with the fluid Covid-19 health and safety environment. DECCAN needed a partner with expertise in these areas that they could rely on.

The Solution

After consulting with their peers, one name came up over and over again. DECCAN ultimately chose CLEARED4, a partner that could automate HIPAA compliant record keeping, maintain strict access control, offer an updated real-time health questionnaire, seamless contact trace reporting and provide top-level medical expertise with Dr. Soumi Eachempati, co-founder of CLEARED4 and former professor of surgery and public health at Weill Cornell Center in NYC.

The Benefits

CLEARED4 did not require the purchase of any specialized equipment and by not requiring a separate app download, DECCAN was able to achieve 100% staff adoption.

DECCAN staff could come to the office with the peace of mind knowing that everyone was cleared and that no one was coming into work sick.

What's Next

DECCAN is upgrading their building and office access next year and is interested in linking it to the CLEARED4 platform for temperature monitoring and door access. CLEARED4’s check in feature will help DECCAN maintain state mandated office staff density. The in-home test kits will also be extremely useful as they bring more staff back to the office.

After speaking to other businesses, we quickly realized that while it might be simple questions….it would take up a lot of time to keep up with the changing environment of COVID-19.


When you are hearing the same name over and over again, you are naturally drawn to consider that company.  Others did not seem as comprehensive and another required us to install machines and seemed more expensive.


The best result is knowing that people are actually cleared and not coming to work sick. You have some comfort knowing that your exposure is less. It is all about the unknown. At least we know that we are doing the best that we can do with the platform.

Ashley Rogers

Human Resources

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