Legends Hospitality

for AT&T Stadium


The Customer

LEGENDS is a premium experiences company that specializes in delivering holistic solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues, across premium sales, partnerships, technology solutions, retail, planning, and hospitality.

The Challenge

In the wake of the pandemic, LEGENDS developed a series of health and sanitation policies and procedures to reopen AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX in accordance with the various guidelines put forth by the CDC, NFL, State of Texas, and local public health officials.  LEGENDS was tasked with creating a comprehensive plan to reopen retail and food/beverage operations, for events involving thousands of staff and volunteers. To ensure optimum health and safety standards, LEGENDS recruited help to implement these new policies and to track employee health, while maintaining respect for personal health information and individual privacy laws.

The Solution

LEGENDS required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of accurate staff adoption, but sophisticated enough to provide retrievable reports and monitor best practices.  To assist LEGENDS in this challenging endeavor, CLEARED provided a solution to send out health surveys to stadium staff, documenting all health attestations, alert stadium management of potential issues, and conduct invaluable contact tracing, all while maintaining strict compliance with all existing HIPAA privacy laws.  Dr. Soumi Eachempati, co-founder of CLEARED and former professor of surgery and public health at Weill Cornell Center in NYC, in coordination with the CLEARED technology team, tailored the platform to meet stadium specifications while Dr. Eachempati provided additional guidance on safety best practices.


We evaluated a range of solutions to enable the safe return of both employees and fans to stadiums and public assembly facilities,” said Mike Morris, Chief Information Officer, Legends.  “We choose CLEARED4® based on the strength of its technical architecture, the ease of use without requiring the download of an app, and its robust feature set that has enabled us to automate our return-to-work protocols and be fully compliant with applicable health and privacy regulations.

Mike Morris



The Benefits

Using the CLEARED platform and without requiring a separate app download, LEGENDS was able to achieve nearly 100% adoption.  With the aid of a new CLEARED  check-in feature, unexpected staff that showed up at the stadium could also be evaluated and monitored safely for potential contact tracing scenarios. Other CLEARED4® features such as automated messaging and notifications also facilitated the management of all employees in a safe and efficient manner. 


LEGENDS’s partnership with CLEARED4® proved to be invaluable in preventing potential COVID-19 outbreaks during these challenging times by keeping the employees in compliance with frequently changing CDC and state rules, while providing management with essential tools to keep its employees safe by monitoring for any concerning health conditions. 


Since using CLEARED, LEGENDS has been able to safeguard stadium operations, and ensure fans and staff are as safe as possible during the pandemic.  

What’s Next?

CLEARED is now being rolled out to a number of other stadiums and venues that Legends manages to ensure the same benefits can be achieved across the enterprise’s total footprint.


An important consideration for Legends was to find a solution that was comprehensive, yet simple enough to be scaled for our entire population of staff at the stadium. CLEARED was easy for staff to set up using their phone number or email address, plus having the ability to register employees on-the-spot with just an iPad, has allowed us to seamlessly implement the solution.

Jackie Polenz

Human Resources Manager


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