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The Customer

MISONIX designs, develops, manufactures and markets best in class ultrasonic medical devices for major surgical markets in over 45 countries.

The Challenge

MISONIX wanted to resume their medically important business of producing and distributing cutting edge medical devices. They wanted to open up their facilities from the

C-suite down to warehouse workers. They needed a solution that was accessible to all levels of staff technological savviness, minimally time intensive for staff to comply with to promote daily use, easy to implement and administer and was economical as this was an unplanned budgetary item.

The Solution

After contemplating the infeasibility of manual health checks and considering 15-20 alternative vendors on the market, MISONIX selected CLEARED4 because of the low barrier to end user adoption and the ease of using the administrative side of the platform. CLEARED4’s adherence to CDC, state and local guidelines were also a deciding factor since MISONIX did not have the human resources to track the constantly-changing, sometimes daily, health rules and regulations.

Business Consultant

Anytime we had questions about anything, you guys answered right away.  There has never been any time where we have been waiting three days to figure something out. You guys always answer us. I never feel lost in the system at all.

Kate Milligan

The Benefits

In addition to automating the health assessments and HIPAA compliant record keeping, CLEARED4 has vastly improved communications with employees. MISONIX has nearly 100% adoption by their employees and the daily health survey has encouraged staff to reach out to HR with any questions about their health situation

What’s Next?

Once their second location is back online, MISONIX has the option to use the CLEARED4 check-in module and limit facility capacity with the new resource location forecasting feature. MISONIX is also looking at providing COVID-19 test kits to symptomatic and exposed employees through CLEARED4s partners.

Delivery Guy

We were not sure how people were going to react in terms of compliance but it is a fairly easy system. The implementation went well; It is easy for people to understand. 


As New York has changed the rules of compliance, CLEARED4 has been keeping up with that, educating us and making sure that we have stayed on track with compliance.


We were going to open with manual tracking and saw that it was going to be a nightmare. We did not have the manpower, number 1 and number 2, there were the compliance issues, audit trails, paper trails, HIPAA issues with asking personal medical questions and knowing how rapidly things were changing in NY, sometimes on a daily basis, we knew we needed a partner to help manage all this.


We looked at maybe 15-20 different vendors that all came on the market at the same time. We had people from the CEO to warehouse workers so many different levels of technology. It had to be user friendly and if they were going to do this every single day, it had to be extremely easy to do.


It also had to be something that was easy for my HR coordinator and all of us to use on the administrative side and cost effective as this was an extra expense.


Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers success stories.


The American Cancer Society required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of attendee and staff adoption, CLEARED4 provided a solution to provide safe access.


Learn how CLEARED4 

helped LEGENDS, a premium experiences company specializing in delivering solutions for sports and entertainment reopen safely

and efficiently.

Back to School with Mask

Furnished Quarters

instituted safety protocols for their guests and
staff by partnering
with CLEARED4. Learn more about their efforts to stay ahead

of the curve.


Protect Your Companies Health and Reputation by Keeping Your Staff, Vendors, and Visitors Safe.

CLEARED4 is the leading technology in keeping offices open through health and safety compliance. Our tools allow team members to see who is where and when, in real-time. 

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