Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS)


The Customer

TCS rents motion picture cameras, lenses and accessories to cinematographers and camera crews and provides technological and consultative support to the motion picture and television industry.

The Challenge

TCS relies on customers who walk into their offices to physically examine and rent/buy or have serviced film equipment. To open for business, they needed to be able to screen and vet staff and visitors in a documented, state-compliant method that was also easy to implement, maintain and require from their customers.

The Solution

CLEARED absolutely allowed TCS to open once again for business. Staff was able to come back to the office to service phone and walk in customers with confidence that everyone is healthy.


“I heard that filling out a health questionnaire is a better determinant than taking temperatures as an indicator of COVID but both are fine with CLEARED since it is so easy to use.” 

Erik S.

The Benefits

TCS is able to offer peace of mind to their staff and customers when they complete self assessments with the CLEARED platform. Because CLEARED is web-based, with no need to download an app, user compliance is much higher. The platform’s automation also removes the tedious burden of spreadsheets, chasing down people who have not answered the self-assessment for the day.

CLEARED keeps Covid on the forefront of everyone’s mind and prevents complacency as time goes on.”

Bryan R.


More Customer Success Stories

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The Spur

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The Importance of Reopening America

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to close down, some permanently. It is critical to get the American workforce back to full productivity, but safely.

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