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Large Public University

Partnering with Applied DNA Sciences


The Customer

A large university with over 25 campuses and administrative sites located around the city center offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and continuing education to students of all ages and back-grounds.  This university has roughly 300,000 students, employees, and auxiliary workers, with con-tractors and visitors to its sites on a daily basis.

The Challenge

Starting in the spring of 2020, this university complied with state quarantines and shifted most students and faculty to remote sessions due to the risks associated with COVID-19.    Recognizing the value of in-person and hybrid learning, it opened the campus to a limited number of students and staff in the Fall of 2021. 


A request for proposal (RFP) was published in July for COVID-19 testing services and with a technology platform which could help them protect people on campus from COVID-19 outbreaks.  As the pandemic and associated local, state and national regulations progressed, the need for managing vaccination evidence became critical as well.  The awardees were given two weeks to have 20 testing sites and technology operational.

The Solution

On July 25, 2021, this university awarded Applied DNA Sciences subsidiary Applied DNA Clinical Labs (ADCL) and CLEARED4, a contract to manage COVID-19 testing - making appointments, assigning test kits, processing tests, and reporting results. CLEARED4 provided the solution for the online user experience and management dashboard that ties everything together and integrates with the school’s access control processes and systems. 


The school expanded beyond testing management and integrated COVID-19 vaccination status in the first week of class. By September 15, all 300,000 students/staff were configured in the system for vaccine status and COVID-19 test management including random surveillance testing and also linked to campus access controls.  Shortly thereafter, a broader audience, including auxiliary staff, adult and continuing education participants, contractors, and visitors, moved to the platform and services.


The CLEARED4 and ADNAS partnership coupled with the university’s computer information services team has put together an all-encompassing health pass solution to help re-open their campuses safely.  Success can be attributed to this collective team’s ability to innovate and pivot to solve the university's unique challenges regarding complexity and scale.

The Benefits

Speed of implementation - In three weeks the test management and health verification platform was up and running for staff and students.


Scale - 300,000 students and staff are using the ADNAS/CLEARED4 platform daily.


Customization/Flexibility - the university quickly added new features to the platform - random surveillance testing, multiple methods for uploading and approving vaccination status, and visitor or non-employee self-registration.


A better educational experience - mitigating the risk of COVID-19 on campus for students or staff makes it a safe place for in-person and hybrid learning.

Smiling College Students

The Partnership

“Applied DNA Clinical Labs takes pride in a high degree of customer care, from program planning through implementation and support, critical to delivering patient results that are fast, accurate and accessible. With CLEARED4 technology wrapped around our testing services, backed by a partner team that drives flexibility, security, and value-add features into their platform, we are happy to be able to serve the university together in keeping the campus community safe from COVID-19,” said Judy Murrah, Chief Operating Officer of Applied DNA Sciences.


“It has been an honor to partner with an industry leading lab like ADCL.  Together we have been able to respond to this university’s needs with speed and effectiveness to help prevent COVID-19 outbreaks on campus.”

Dr. Soumi Eachempati, MD and CEO


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