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CIAN Diagnostics


The Customer

A Frederick, MD-based diagnostic laboratory company offering state-of-the-art turn-key, high-throughput COVID-19 sample collection, transport, testing, and reporting services, CIAN Diagnostics has been a trusted partner of local, county, and state governments since the beginning of the pandemic response.

The Challenge

In order to transition from remote learning to full-time, in-person instruction for the 2021/2022 school year, Governor Larry Hogan mandated COVID-19 testing in all Maryland public and private K-12 schools. Contracted to work with over 250 schools across the state, CIAN Diagnostics knew they needed an efficient and effective way to administer individual tests and also to manage the health information of thousands of students, faculty, and staff.

The Solution

With its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and secure all-in-one platform, CLEARED4 has enabled the lab to conduct and process nearly 700,000 COVID-19 tests to date–in record time.  Instead of manually keying in the names and date of birth of students, faculty, and staff at the time of on-site testing, the CLEARED4 platform is preloaded with all of that information–and fully integrated with CIAN’s database–to allow the lab team to process at a quicker pace and reduce overall turnaround time.

The customized application:

  • Streamlines the testing process, from start to finish

  • Collects and uploads health information related to COVID

  • Communicates test results to school administrators

  • Implements a best practice protocol as needed

  • Ensures all campus visitors can safely partake in in-person activities

“Everything in a lab is about turnaround time. Every minute counts, and the CLEARED4 platform provides the efficiency we need to act quickly not only in administering tests but also in responding quickly once results are in hand. Even under the most challenging conditions of a global pandemic, CLEARED4 made it possible to process thousands of test results and gave us the versatility we needed to run both PCR and Antigen tests. Better yet, the schools had reliable real-time data so they could continue to operate in-person with confidence and as safely as possible.”

Simon Asare, Operations Manager, CIAN Diagnostics


The Benefits

CLEARED4 has helped CIAN Diagnostics make sample collection and reporting of test results as efficient and seamless as possible. As a result, schools across Maryland have successfully maintained in-person instruction since the fall of 2021 and prevented any widespread outbreaks of the virus. The use of the tagging features within the platform to easily and securely communicate real-time health information has transformed a process that once took several days into mere minutes.

What’s Next

Using the CLEARED4 platform, CIAN Diagnostics has empowered schools with up-to-date, reliable data at all times so that they can pivot compliance protocols as needed and as local COVID-19 regulations continue to evolve. CLEARED4’s platform has proven to be invaluable in preventing potential COVID-19 outbreaks by providing schools with health information essential to keeping their students, faculty, and staff safe.

Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers success stories.


The American Cancer Society required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of attendee and staff adoption, CLEARED4 provided a solution to provide safe access.

half page wix telecom.png

CLEARED4 replaced manual efforts with a fully automated, customized all-in-one platform to ensure safe reopening of operations in three different workplace locations.

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CLEARED4 aided the Harper College COVID response team in granting safe access, producing management reports and ensuring adherence to COVID policies and best practices.

fintech office workers sq.png

CLEARED4 ensured a financial services firm had up-to-date data to adjust their compliance protocols.

Utilizing the daily health survey, the client was able to gather important insights into the health and safety of their employees. The dynamic group messaging feature allowed for efficient communication within teams. Read more about how CLEARED4 helped them protect their employees from COVID-19.

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