Covid & Flu Testing Overview

Testing Protocols

Cleared4 is proud to offer testing through multiple channel partners.  Our medical group looks at the value and place of multiple types of tests including molecular/PCR, antigen, and antibody tests.  Each of these tests have potential importance in certain settings.

Each of our clients from large to small has unique needs from surveillance testing for asymptotic users to confirmatory testing for those with possible symptoms.

Through our partners we can offer a full suite of on-site testing solutions. If you would like to know whether your organization would benefit from integrating testing into your reopening efforts, please contact your CLEARED4 sales associate.

Our Partners
Seamless Test Data Integration

The CLEARED4 Platform has ubiquitous access to real-time test results from the top labs and hospitals including Labs Corps and Quest Diagnostics.  Any appropriate test results for your teams can be stored safely in the CLEARED4 platform and crossed referenced with access protocols and social distancing requirements.  

Vacinations & Immunity

We know that Covid-19 vaccinations are going to be available in 2021, if not before. As a pre-curser to them being launched, we have already patented and integrated the concept of unique vaccine pass into our platform.  Individuals who get vaccinated will be able to access a special BluePass(tm) that will prove their immunity.  As we know, immunity will not last forever, and so BluePasses can be set to expire based on medical guidance

CLEARED4 Platform Integrations