Automating the process of ensuring workplaces and venues are safe and Covid-19-free

CLEARED4® is a management platform for automated monitoring of Covid-19 symptoms across your organization, ensuring safe, Covid-19 free spaces. 


The Problem

Employees need to feel safe returning to the workplace. Employers need real-time COVID-19 monitoring, automated scheduling, and access control of their core employees to ensure productivity and safety, minimize further disruptions to the workplace and loss of talent to illness, avoid headline risk of new outbreaks and litigation, and offer optimal workflow between businesses and their clients. 


There is NO clear path and documented process to manage workforce eligibility for return to work and keeping the work environment safe from COVID-19 spread.

Our Solution

CLEARED4® combines four critical components to provide a comprehensive health platform that helps clients create and maintain safe spaces during pandemics, flu seasons, and other disease outbreaks.

Customizable business rules allow only symptom-free users to be cleared to return.

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 How to use CLEARED4® 

CLEARED4®automates the querying of employees, visitors or students regarding their symptoms and risk factors related to potential coronavirus infection. Testing results can also be added to help with resource management and quarantine protocols.

Human Resource department save time as the platform monitors employee conditions in real-time and sends secure messages with customized protocols. 

Clients are automatically notified about possible outbreaks in real-time, helping them address staffing needs, activate contact tracing and ensure employee/visitor safety.   

Clients can provide secure, mobile passes to their employees which can be validated when entering any business locations. These passes can be combined with temperature checks for an additional layer of safety. 

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Admin Dashboard Features
  • Quickly import all of your users into our secure HIPAA platform

  • Users are notified daily with a secure text message to complete a CDC-approved symptom monitor

  • Users are automatically categorized with a simple traffic-light system based on their Covid-19 symptoms

  • Symptom-free users are provided secure mobile passes to come back into offices and venues

  • Users with symptoms are automatically quarantined and provided access to local medical resources as needed 

  • Users access to offices is provided automatically based on configurable rules

  • HIPAA compliant with audit log of all actions taken in the platform

  • API's for integration into existing management systems

Symptom Monitoring

& MobilePass Access

  • Sends secure daily text messages to employees

  • Integrated into Health App to monitor symptoms

  • Diagnostic tool uses latest CDC protocols

  • Instant Covid-19 symptom status results

  • Integrated into temperature validation

  • Allows for upload and validation of Covid-19 test results

  • Use patent-pending GreenPasses™ to control access to any office locations

Kiosk Integration 

  • Contact-less temperature scanning kiosks provide an additional layer of safety

  • Our kiosk integrations enables organizations to ensure strict access control​

  • Authorized users can scan their mobile passes to gain access to the building

  • All activity is tracked for seamless contact trace reporting

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CLEARED4® Benefits

Saves time for HR to manage how and when employees can to return to work, should be quarantined or tested.
Medical Insights
Receive personalized advice from our experienced Covid-19 medical team to ensure best practice protocols are being followed.
Gives peace of mind to employees and clients that management is doing all it can to ensure a safe environment. 
Can be customized for each particular business and can be modified depending on the particular needs, characteristics and locale of the businesses.
HIPAA/GDPR compliant and continually updated with recommendations from the CDC, FDA, and most recent medical literature. 

 5 Ways to Make Your

Workplace Safe During COVID-19

noun_restricted_2558223 copy.png

Restrict employees with symptoms

from the building

Allow access to your building only for those who are symptom free - employers MUST restrict employees with symptoms from entering the building

Ask employees to monitor their symptoms

Have all employees use symptom monitors like FluChecker to stay ahead of outbreaks

quarantine-3264 copy.png

Ask employees with symptoms to quarentine

Ensure any employee with COVID-19 

symptoms is quarantined and ideally gets tested for peace of mind 

noun_people_2207180 copy.png



Ensure immediate contact tracing for those with positive test, including all in the household and at work

noun_Immune System_3305610.png



Encourage employees who have had COVID-19 to check for antibodies.  Only those with proven immunity should be allowed to remove masks and not have to socially distance.

Pricing, Plans & Features 


Set-up Fee: None

Organization Unit:

Included Admins: 

Additional Admins:

$50 Per Month

Included Employees: 


Additional Employees:  $3 Per Month (plus messaging costs)

Contract Length:

Month to Month  






Platform Fee:

$350 Per Month



Set-up Fee: None

Organization Units: 3

Additional Organizations:  $250 Per Month

Included Admins: 10 


Additional Admins:

$50 Per Month

Included Employees: 100

Additional Employees:  $2 Per Month (plus messaging costs)

Covid Consulting: 2 Hrs

Contract Length: 3 Month + 

Support: Phone & Email


Platform Fee:

$1,500 Per Month



Set-up Fee: TBD


Unlimited Organization Units and Admins

Included Employees:  1,000

Additional Employees:  $1 Per Month (plus messaging costs)

Covid Consulting: 10 Hrs

Custom Development:

50 Hrs

Contract Length:

12 Month + 


Dedicated Account Manager

Platform Fee:

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