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Diagnostic Lab Company


The Customer

A San Diego, CA-based diagnostic laboratory company

The Challenge

Although the diagnostic lab started performing COVID-19 testing in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, their predominantly manual processes were not compatible with conducting individualized daily testing on a large scale. When presented with the opportunity to partner with a Los Angeles community college to facilitate on-campus COVID testing, the lab knew they needed an efficient and effective way to not only schedule and administer individual tests but also to manage the health information of nearly 230,000 students–spread across nine different campuses, serving 40 cities and communities covering almost 900 square miles.

The Solution

With its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and secure all-in-one platform, CLEARED4 has transformed the lab into a fully automated testing powerhouse. Instead of dealing with the headache and nearly impossible task of coordinating thousands of testing appointments–while manually updating the scheduling calendar and communicating test results–the lab has been able to streamline and integrate all of its systems into one easy-to-use platform.

The customized application:

  • Allows students to access a centralized appointment schedule and order a test

  • Collects and uploads health information related to COVID-19

  • Communicates test results to each individual student

  • Implements a best practice protocol as needed

  • Controls campus access with a compliance-based bracelet system 

  • Ensures all campus visitors can safely partake in in-person activities

“CLEARED4 is the missing piece we needed to operate efficiently and effectively on the college campuses. With the CLEARED4 platform, we can have a student checked in and swabbed in five minutes. Better yet, students get notified of their COVID status within minutes of the results coming in. That would not be possible without CLEARED4, and now that the new CalOSHA regulation is in place, the platform makes compliance with the three-year data storage requirement effortless, as well.”

Executive, Diagnostic Lab Company


The Benefits

CLEARED4 has empowered the lab to make the scheduling, ordering, and reporting of tests as efficient and seamless as possible. As a result, the college has successfully maintained all in-person instruction and prevented any widespread outbreaks of the virus on its nine campuses. The use of the tagging features within the platform to easily and securely communicate real-time health information to individual students has streamlined a process that once took several hours into mere minutes.

What’s Next

Using the CLEARED4 platform, the college has up-to-date, reliable data at all times and is able to pivot compliance protocols quickly, even as local COVID-19 regulations evolve. For example, as of February 2023, CalOSHA is requiring all California businesses–including educational institutions–to address COVID-19 as a non-emergency workplace hazard. The regulations are designed to protect workers from the ongoing risk of COVID-19, and for the next two years, mandate that all businesses in the state identify all COVID-19 health hazards in the office, conduct ongoing contact tracing, and communicate possible exposures as needed to all affected employees. In addition, the regulations stipulate that employers maintain records of COVID-19 cases for the next three years. CLEARED4 not only enables the college to continue to protect the health and well-being of its community, but it also allows them to easily maintain compliance with state regulations.

Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers success stories.


The American Cancer Society required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of attendee and staff adoption, CLEARED4 provided a solution to provide safe access.

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CLEARED4 replaced manual efforts with a fully automated, customized all-in-one platform to ensure safe reopening of operations in three different workplace locations.

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CLEARED4 aided the Harper College COVID response team in granting safe access, producing management reports and ensuring adherence to COVID policies and best practices.

fintech office workers sq.png

CLEARED4 ensured a financial services firm had up-to-date data to adjust their compliance protocols.

Utilizing the daily health survey, the client was able to gather important insights into the health and safety of their employees. The dynamic group messaging feature allowed for efficient communication within teams. Read more about how CLEARED4 helped them protect their employees from COVID-19.

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