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Avoid Costly Shut Downs on Film Sets. Keep Your Production Staff Compliant.

CLEARED4 has developed the only solution that allows you to manage SAG-AFTRA compliance in the same platform, giving you a single dashboard to control your resources and keep non-compliant staff off of your production set.

From SAG-AFTRA COVID compliance rules to best practice workflows, CLEARED4 automates all aspects of health and safety to keep your production set running smoothly.

CLEARED4 offers a real-time, all-in-one platform to manage health surveys, remote and on-site COVID testing, vaccines/boosters, contact tracing, and even connecting custom compliance rules to your access control systems. Protecting the health of set personnel will help to keep your production moving forward by reducing the risk of an expensive shutdown.

Are you still using Google Docs and Excel Spreadsheets 
to manually track COVID compliance?


One easy solution to keep your set, crew and talent compliant.
CLEARED4 technology makes managing covid testing, vaccine verification, symptom monitoring easy, and connects test results and compliance with building access cards.

You don't have to be an expert or have internal teams spend time on health compliance. We can do it all for you.

Health and Safety Compliance = Access. 



Add users & visitors. Connect any COVID testing partner.


Customize safety rules and automate compliance tasks.


You’re all set!
One dashboard to
manage resources.

SAG-AFTRA Compliance = Access 


Ensure Production Continuity

Automate health & safety compliance, adoption and communication for production teams to stay safe in the COVID-and-beyond era


Compliant and Safe

Real-time documentation, reporting, & decision making with configurable business rules in a HIPAA/GDPR compliant, scalable platform


Rapid Implementation

Operational readiness within hours; deployed within days. Fully supported with managed services and health guidance where needed.


Increased ROI

3x ROI automating workflows outsourcing
vs. Excel Spreadsheets, Google Docs, and
manual systems.


Production delays can be incredibly expensive - here are a few things that make CLEARED4 unique useful for your production . . .

  • CLEARED4 works with your labs and testing partners to ensure a seamless experience for Antigen, Rapid Molecular, and PCR testing options

  • Option to connect test results and compliance with building access cards

  • Privacy-compliant storage of user health data (Meets global regulations: SAG-AFTRA guidelines, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA)

  • Can integrate with any IT system (HR, building/venue access, etc.) and can operate on any device - no app to download, no passwords to remember

  • Fully customizable; we can adapt to whatever challenges your production is facing and continually make changes to remain in compliance with all guidelines

  • Automated contact tracing module to mitigate your infections and exposures

  • Eliminate your dependency on excel spreadsheets, data entry, and lack of accuracy

Film Prod Checklist header.png

Download CLEARED4’s Film Productions Checklist

The CLEARED4 productions checklist helps identify risks and other factors that may affect your set as well as understand mitigation options for health and safety.

Film Prod Checklist

The CLEARED4 contact tracing toolset follows SAG-AFTRA guidelines, including the ability to set custom business rules for exposure, infection, symptom management, and our automated testing workflow.

WHY is contact tracing more important than it used to be?

  1. Omicron variants are more contagious and evades protection from vaccines and previous infection

  2. 60% of asymptomatic people are carrying the virus but don’t feel sick or display symptoms

  3. Mask wearing is down with only recommendations to mask while traveling

CLEARED4’s Contact Tracing tool is designed to help film production sets efficiently manage their teams by identifying and contacting those exposed and detecting high transmission areas. With the communication dashboard, you can easily identify the movement of people within facilities and contact data confirmation.

  • Tagging allows organizations to create user groups based on proximity to one another, work teams, meeting cadence, and work schedules, speeding up the ability to identify those who may have had contact with an exposed individual. Tags can be created in the CLEARED4 platform or pulled from existing HRIS or dual control systems.

  • The CLEARED4 platform runs itself - unless there is an exception. At this moment, real-time automated communication is triggered between the admin and the users.

  • Create specific quarantine rules of who has been exposed to a contagious individual to quarantine and how long to quarantine them.

  • Clients can also outsource
    all administration to our managed services team as
    part of our total safety
    product platform. 


Check-in/out data is time-stamped and geo-located. When coupled with tagging, admins can immediately deploy targeted communication and response plans to prevent mini-outbreaks.


Filters allow instant identification of non-responsive users and contact method errors - helping admins ensure that the people who need to be contacted receive and acted upon direction.

CLEARED4 can also integrate with RF signal technology used by the roaming/mobile workforce for even more pinpointed data around potential exposures.


Whether your production set is in the U.S. or abroad, track individuals with real-time monitoring. It is easy to adjust compliance rules and protocols by zone, region, location, country, or workforce.

Film Anywhere.

Be prepared for extended SAG-AFTRA COVID protocols.

It's no secret that the film and television industry has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Production shutdowns, delays, and increased safety protocols have all put a strain on budgets and schedules. It's more important than ever to have a comprehensive safety solution in place due to the recent increase in lawsuits stemming from lack of compliance on set.

Additionally, pandemic fatigue will be the biggest instigator of a severe flu caseload. CLEARED4 can prepare protocols for handling sick days, symptom checking, Flu vs COVID testing and when it's appropriate to come back to the set after being sick.

CLEARED4’s real-time data allows you to control resources and manage compliance without bogging down employees with one system. Automate your COVID complexities, freeing up your budget and staff to focus on creating a production you can be proud of.

CLEARED4 automates the complexities of following SAG-AFTRA guidelines, freeing up your budget and staff to focus on creating a production you can be proud of.

Request more info or schedule a demo today.

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