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Keep Medical Records Separate From Personnel Files with CLEARED4

Mitigate risks associated with pandemics and other infectious diseases. CLEARED4 ensures the confidentiality and integrity of medical information.

CLEARED4 offers HIPAA-compliant storage for employee medical records to ensure their privacy and protection.

Pandemics and other infectious diseases are here to stay. Whatever it may be, you going to have to act and take measures to manage the health and wellness of employees.  If you have people coming into the office, you have to have HIPAA-compliant storage for that information.


CLEARED4 securely stores confidential medical records separately from personnel files. This ensures critical patient privacy standards and allows organizations to confidently protect their confidential data for HIPAA-compliant storage for privacy and data protection.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are required to record positive cases of workplace-related exposures that require more than first aid or missed days from work.


Summary of the 10 most important data storage requirements and how CLEARED4 automates each one.


Recording of All
Positive Cases

CLEARED4 enables employees (or administrators) to upload COVID test results (PCR. Molecular or Antigen)  into the platform with real-time validation.



CLEARED4 knows who is and who is not entitled to return to the office based on their health, exposure, and testing status. This real-time data is shown in dashboards, and reports and can even be connected to your access control systems.

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Return To Office

CLEARED4 tracks the isolation status for positive cases, and employees can upload a negative test result to speed up their RTO. During isolation, individuals receive a daily health survey to track symptoms, communicate leave policies, and communicate health benefits.

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Contact Tracing &
Close Contacts

For each positive case, CLEARED4 will help the subject report symptoms and close contacts (location and date) including existing employees as well as visitors (e.g contractors). Admins are also able to manage all aspects of contact tracing for the subject. (e.g. call center)

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Free Testing for
Eligible Employees

CLEARED4 enables eligible employees to order COVID tests, and other PPE equipment delivered in bulk to offices, or directly to an individual’s home.

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Report Both Outbreaks &
Major Outbreaks

CLEARED4 identifies when Outbreaks and Major Outbreaks have occurred. The system automatically tracks the outbreak status, notifies administrators, and changes the rules around access to free tests and frequency of testing for close contacts. Also includes state reporting as required for Major Outbreaks.


Face Masks
Are Needed

CLEARED4 indicates to employees when face masks are required due to positive cases, close contact, or high-risk statuses. CLEARED4 can auto-fulfill masks and other PPE equipment.

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Notices &

CLEARED4 creates a printable notice for each positive case, sends digital alerts, and includes tools to track the publishing of it to all necessary. All actions, notices, cases, and outbreaks are shown in real-time dashboards and compliance reports.

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Data Storage

All data is stored in compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements and reports are available upon request during an audit. CLEARED4 is HIPAA and ISO27001 compliant.


Education &

CLEARED4 can provide the necessary required education and training to ensure you remain compliant with these long-term regulations as they can change with updates from governing bodies.

Ensure data compliance. 
With CLEARED4, organizations can keep their medical records and personnel files separate, securely storing them in different areas. 

Request a Consultation with one of our Health and Safety Specialists.


The CLEARED4 platform has allowed us to track exactly what is happening on campus on any given day so we can make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. One of the main reasons we use CLEARED4 is to help with data management as it pertains to the new CAL OSHA regulation.

Lisa Lopez  |  Information Technology Department  |  Santa Barbara City College

Our Full Health & Safety Solution

Need more than just Cal/OSHA compliance?  Check-out all the modules of our Health & Safety platform including vaccine management, daily health surveys, door control and more. CLEARED4 combines six critical components to provide a comprehensive health platform that helps clients create and maintain safe spaces during pandemics, flu seasons, and other disease outbreaks.

Strict Access
Contact Trace
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COVID-19 Test
Compliant Dashboard

Learn how CLEARED4’s HIPAA-compliant data storage solutions help organizations keep medical information private and confidential.

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