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CLEARED4 enables HR Teams to get back to business

COVID-19 has created challenges that many of us have never faced before. And for most companies, the function leading the business’ pandemic response effort is HR. The HR remit: execute a clear plan that controls risk, ensures the health of the workforce and supports a safe and efficient return to productivity.

It’s in times like these that you need a tool to efficiently and effectively manage the chaos.

CLEARED4 is a proven leader that will help you operationalize your pandemic response plans, to systematically capture, monitor and report on the COVID-19 health status of your employees, contractors and visitors, and enable your business return to safe and productive operations.

CLEARED4’s COVID-19 Return to Productivity Solution is designed for rapid deployment in just days. Our health verification platform offers health surveys, contact tracing, vaccine and COVID-19 test management. Building/job site access can be linked to any system for gating or entry. With an intuitive, HIPAA/GDPR-compliant dashboard, you can manage your business’ pandemic response with speed and confidence.

CLEARED4 Is the Most Comprehensive, Easy to Use and Customizable Solution in the Industry.

The CLEARED4 platform offers a personalized and convenient solution to match your current demands while growing with your future needs. The CLEARED4 solution helps to ensure COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring compliance, automates Contact Trace Reporting and provides Strict Access Control to keep workplaces safe.

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Adhere to CDC and State guidelines on COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Contact Tracing for employees and visitors. All in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant system.


Easy to use for employees and visitors. Save 99% of the time taken to manually document and report on possible health outbreaks

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 Quickly customize the platform messaging to match your return-to-work protocols with a simple self-service interface and tools

Proven ROI

Reduces the additional administrative burden of tracking and reporting outbreaks.  Flexible pricing to suit your business needs.

CLEARED4 can help you get your employees back to work safely.

Our privacy-compliant, easy-to-use, automated health verification platform can be run by HR staff or can be fully outsourced using CLEARED4’s managed services partners. CLEARED4 has helped a diverse range of companies stay open safely, resulting in operational continuity and productivity for everyone. 

CLEARED4 is easy to use for HR teams.

CLEARED4 is automated - it runs itself until there is an exception. Our color-coded, customizable dashboard is intuitive to manage and offers templated graphs for reporting.


CLEARED4 is easy to use for workers.

It is accessible from any device, no app required, no passwords to forget.

COVID-19 health criteria is easy to customize.

Our CDC-approved health survey enables you to conduct no-contact, no-risk worker health screening.

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CLEARED4 has configurable settings
for vaccination tracking - including booster reminders and alerts.

All aspects of COVID-19 testing are
managed through the platform - 
including testing protocols, locations, frequency, testing type, test administration, resulting and reporting. 

COVID-19 health inputs inform CLEARED4’s dynamic rules engine.

If the worker's health data complies with your company’s criteria for safe entry - that person is granted access.

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CLEARED4 delivers real-time access based on health inputs.

The platform works with any method for gating or entry -from a dashboard that can be viewed by someone in charge of physically allowing access - to a full integration with building access systems.

Contact Tracing Made Easy.

CLEARED4 has real-time automated alerts to notify HR leaders of at-work exposures or symptomatic workers. The platform immediately denies building access so HR can quickly initiate containment actions.


Our contact tracing tools enable personal outreach to determine whether employees need to quarantine, or get tested. Or you can fully outsource contact tracing, communication and safe re-entry process with us and our partners.




See how an ultrasonic medical devices company opened their facilities to all employees from C-suite to warehouse workers. Here's how CLEARED4 helped them do it.

Featured Clients and Partners

 CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce and visitors. A partial list of CLEARED4’s clients across North America, Europe, and Asia includes corporations like Coinbase, Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, American Cancer Society, law firms, hedge funds, and building operations.

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Manage your return to productivity with the market leader.