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The Inspired

Home Show


The Customer

The Inspired Home Show is North America’s largest housewares trade show. It connects not only buyer to seller, but also product to lifestyle and the industry to the consumer mindset. Every year, more than 52,000 home and housewares professionals from more than 130 countries converge upon Chicago to discover new housewares products and industry trends, meet face-to-face with executives from top retail and manufacturer brands, and gain the insights, leads and exposure to jump-start a successful year. The Show is owned and operated by the International Housewares Association (IHA), which has a rich history within the housewares industry dating back more than 80 years.

The Challenge

Following the January Board of Directors’ meeting, the International Housewares Association established COVID-19 safety-related policies and protocols for the Inspired Home Show. Before collecting a badge at McCormick Place that provides access to The Inspired Home Show, all exhibitors and attendees were required to demonstrate proof of vaccination or produce a negative COVID-19 test that had been administered in the previous 72 hours. This includes exhibitors and personnel related to set-up and tear-down of the event. Plus, they needed a solution that could flex to address the range of international attendees.

The Solution

CLEARED4 executed COVID-19 vaccine validations that helped the Inspired Home Show’s 20,000+ attendees from over 90 different countries meet local regulations – minimizing the risks of creating a COVID-19 outbreak. 


To ensure instant health verification for accurate reporting and the safety of all attendees and staff, CLEARED4 set up a real-time vaccination verification data flow with its event-registration system, CompuSystems (CSI), to grant or deny badges to event registrants – with a 24-hour approval response. 

Sharon Bellock IHA-2.png

“Over and above my comments regarding on-site supervision, I thank you and your team for giving us back our sanity!


I am not quite sure this situation would have ended so well if it wasn’t for your organization, timetables and expertise. The fact that both of our teams successfully implemented a call center weeks/days before a large event was incredibly impressive. A feat that would normally take months, we accomplished at light speed.


I think the pairing of the CLEARED4 digital platform with your WBTW support along with on-site validation services ultimately was the right choice. Please know that we appreciated all your efforts!”

Sharon Bellock

Director, Trade Show Operations

International Housewares Association

The Benefits

CLEARED4 worked with IHA and CSI to provide real-time Access Pass status to all attendees based upon his / her domestic and international vaccine proof – with specific requirements seamlessly configured for attendees’ badges. CLEARED4 provided the management dashboard, the user interface for proof of vaccination, and the approval of vaccination proof, which included messaging to all attendees about important vaccine verification information and time-sensitive requirements to allow IHA attendees to safely and securely access the event.


CompuSystems (CSI) used the CLEARED4 API to constantly poll for health-pass status changes among users. For example, when a user is granted a BluePass for being fully vaccinated (allowing him/ her to receive a badge from CSI), or when a user loses a pass, and must in turn undergo the COVID-19 testing protocol to attend the event. 


CLEARED4’s partner World Back to Work provided an onsite health requirements desk and training and supervising entry personnel


Of the 20,000+ show attendees and exhibitors CLEARED4 and its partners cleared for the IHS event:

  • 18,400 (92%) were pre-registered in advance into CLEARED4

  • 8,400 (46%) pre-registered attendees supplied proof of vaccination in advance of the show - this includes the exhibitors

  • 11,600 (58%) of the total attendees were cleared onsite by trained entrance security personnel who visually checked vaccination credentials or COVID-19 negative test results (testing was offered onsite for those who needed it)

What’s Next?

CLEARED4 is helping trade shows and industry organizations get back to business. A critical step is to manage event health and safety by using a platform that can accommodate health data from international exhibitors, participants and workers and that follows privacy requirements from global regulators (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR).

CLEARED4 COVID-19 Safety Modules

✓  Customizable: We can quickly adapt to each client use case and pain point 

✓  Privacy compliant: We comply with global privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, FEFRA) 

✓  Fast: Our automated solutions operate in real time, be up and running in days

✓  Frictionless: We can integrate with any IT system (HR, building/venue access, etc.) and can operate on any device - no app to download, no passwords to remember

✓  Proven: With over 2 million active users worldwide, we are preventing outbreaks/business disruption, maintaining operational continuity and productivity

We understand the importance of safety for all attendees as well as your business’s reputation. CLEARED4 has the most advanced and configurable vaccine booster management platform available, ensuring your event can meet any rules to match government, regional, or corporate mandates.

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