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More government mandates on symptom self-reporting for employees returning to work

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Today on May 7, Michigan Governor Whitmer elaborate on her 6-phase plan to bring her state back to work after the coronavirus pandemic. This relatively detailed plan as shown below give precise expectations of each aspect of society during this crucial time.

On page 13, the plan elaborates on the expectations of workers who will be mandated to attest to their symptoms of possible Covid-19 when they return to work. To the dismay of workers and employers, specific information on what symptoms need to be reported, where it needs to be stored and for how long is conspicuously absent. Employers want to fill their workplaces but may be pressed to find suitable vehicles to fulfill this ambition.

Michigan employers would be well suited to consider software products like Cleared4Work which were created for this purpose. These types of products give a symptom questionnaire, requires attestation by the worker, and provides retrievable storage of this information. With many other initiatives to prepare, duplication of such software will be near impossible for the typical employers especially those without deep current teams in information technology.



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