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Is your business ready to monitor your employees' symptoms?

Updated: May 16, 2020

Recently, the White House released a set of standards and recommendations that employers and individuals were to follow upon returning to the workplace after Covid-19 lockdowns. In the states where business opening are starting to occur, these recommendations are already starting to be implemented. However, businesses in other states may not yet have fully gained an understanding of these policies. To prepare for reopening, all businesses should be aware of these policies. They can be found at the following website:


The most important area for businesses to focus on are in the section entitled "Guidelines for All phases. Employers". In this section, the rules are clearly delineated as to how employers should manage the return to work process. Those specific guidelines are on this page and include creating policies policies on best practices on Social Distancing and temperature checks as well as other topics.

The site also particularly indicated that employers should "Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms." This vital area is a major level of concern for employers who appear unable and unprepared to comply with this mandate. See below.

Thankfully for businesses, "Cleared4Work" was specifically created for them to monitor their employers, detect signs of disease, and comply with this governmental regulation.


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