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Campus Solutions Capabilities to Support Institutions’ COVID-19 Policies for Students

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The Peoplesoft team published an interesting analysis on COVID-19 best practices mentioning the CLEARED4 health management platform that integrates with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

Campus Solutions Capabilities to Support Institutions’ COVID-19 Policies for Students Steve Brawn | March 13, 2022 | Director Product Strategy – Oracle Higher Education Development

I. Introduction - Oracle Digital Assistant: The Oracle Digital Assistant offers PeopleSoft Campus Solutions institutions the ability to configure chatbots (digital assistants) and create skills to answer simple questions regarding COVID-19 policies relevant to the student interacting with the assistant. Additionally, skills can be configured to allow students the ability to interact with the digital assistant to indicate their vaccination or testing status and upload documentation. Institutions can deploy the digital assistant to multiple channels simultaneously, including: Campus Solutions Student Self-Service, Alexa, or institution websites.

CLEARED4: CLEARED4 is an advanced health management platform that integrates with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to automate the administration of COVID test and vaccine tracking. With a suite of tools including automated reminders, health attestation, access control, contact tracing and an advanced rules engine to customize your compliance requirements, CLEARED4 already works with hundreds of higher education Peoplesoft users across the country. The system takes days not weeks to launch and configure. Once set up, administrators use the tool to import and store existing and new vaccine and test data (including international test and vaccine cards), generate reporting, set reminders and rules and manage testing regiments and schedules. The platform is integrated with testing providers and labs, so new test data is automatically stored in the HIPAA/FERPA compliant platform with no additional work on the administrator’s side. The technology also integrates with access control systems for badge and RFID card management to ensure only compliant students & faculty are allowed on campus. While COVID-19 hopefully stays in decline, the CLEARED4 tool helps to future-proof organizations by managing many types of real-time health risk data - whether COVID-19 or other compliance-related data.

You can meet CLEARED4 at Alliance 2022 in Seattle this week at Booth 110. Book a 1:1 with the team here or visit the Stop & Share on COVID Management Monday afternoon at Alliance.

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