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CLEARED4’s health platform ensures public safety through a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 / -- CLEARED4, a global health and safety leader, announced it has more than 3 million platform users and has processed and validated over 2 million COVID test results for companies, productions, schools, events and education systems across 90+ countries. CLEARED4 focuses on helping organizations increase automation and reduce their operational costs for COVID-19 safety and compliance. Additionally, CLEARED4 is expanding beyond COVID-19 to provide broader occupational health, wellness and productivity tools to its clients to help them deal with the operational challenges brought on by COVID and a hybrid workforce.

“This tremendous feat of surpassing 3 million daily users is a testament to the power of CLEARED4 in ensuring businesses and schools stay open and perform at their standard high level,” said Dr. Soumi Eachempati, co-founder and CEO, CLEARED4. “Our flexible health and safety platform has been invaluable for our clients in this challenging environment, and we anticipate even more innovations to help them during the remainder of the pandemic and beyond.”

While the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to impact operational complexity, healthcare costs, and reputation risk for organizations, CLEARED4 works with organizations to simplify this complexity and lower the risk with a proven return on investment. Proactive health & safety playbooks are based on best practices, not mandates, and no matter the magnitude, CLEARED4 is preparing to scale the resources.

The platform’s tools provide real-time, actionable health data for continuous monitoring, people management, and process compliance and has been deployed across multiple countries, serving millions of users, in dozens of languages, by issuing over 100 million safe entries, regardless of industry or size.

“CLEARED4 collaborates with hundreds of organizations around the globe to reopen and sustain institutions safely and productively,” said Ashley John Heather, co-founder, and president, CLEARED4. “We couldn’t be prouder that CLEARED4 has been an essential tool for millions in managing the complexity of government mandates, organization risks, and employee expectations regarding health and safety.”

In addition, CLEARED4 has expanded into various verticals, including film productions, to protect the health of set personnel and keep production moving forward by reducing the risk of shutdowns, delays, and strains on budgets and schedules.

CLEARED4’s clients include SAG-AFTRA, AFLAC, Alterra Mountain Company, American Cancer Society, Cisco, City University of New York, Coinbase, Electronic Arts, LiveNation, and many more.

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About CLEARED4 CLEARED4 helps organizations around the world future-proof their businesses from the impact of current and future health & safety compliance requirements. Its products and services allow our global clients to ensure operational readiness, minimizing any financial, legal and productivity impacts on the organization.

With a new age of pandemics, the unpredictability of infectious diseases means ongoing waves tomorrow. In response, CLEARED4 generates customized workflows to address varying risk levels while utilizing risk-driven playbooks, providing operational readiness and applying health and safety best practices through technology.

The secure and HIPAA compliant platform enables its clients and users to return safely and confidently to businesses, schools, stadiums and travel, globally. CLEARED4 captures, validates and matches user’s information to real-time health data including health surveys, temperature screening, integrated COVID-19 test results and vaccination status. All this information is then synchronized with third-party systems like door controls, digital displays and other access systems. CLEARED4 automates complex health and safety administrative tasks with reliable delivery of its flexible and configurable platform, deployed in days not months.

CLEARED4 takes data privacy seriously, and never sells end-user data, nor markets other services to its users.

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