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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The solution is seamlessly integrated within CLEARED4’s broader platform to manage vaccine status in one central location With the introduction of the comprehensive CLEARED4 TaaS solution, our clients will have all their COVID testing data in one convenient location where it can be easily managed and retrieved.”— Dr. Soumi Eachempati, co-founder and CEO, CLEARED4 NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2021 / -- CLEARED4, the nation’s largest and most trusted COVID-19 health validation platform, together with its partner labs has launched a new testing as a service solution (TaaS), enabling corporate clients, domestic or globally, to have a complete, end-to-end solution to solve all their COVID testing, tracking and reporting needs. C4TaaS can provide on-site medical teams to ensure the testing experience is seamless and compliant for high volume, centralized or VIP level experiences. For lower volume and more geographically dispersed use cases, C4TaaS can support at-home or on-site testing without the need for medical staff. All three test types can be provided as “self-swabbed” options for employees to use. Antigen and RT-lamp can be used for rapid response times, while PCR (both pooled and diagnostic) can be used for more accurate tests with a longer timeline. “With the introduction of the comprehensive CLEARED4 TaaS solution, our clients will have all their COVID testing data in one convenient location where it can be easily managed and retrieved,” stated Dr. Soumi Eachempati, CEO and co-founder of CLEARED4, Inc. “In this way, the results can also be seamlessly integrated into valuable contact tracing so health and safety can be optimized at all times as well.” CLEARED4’s solution enables clients to see a real-time overview of their employees testing statuses. The overview includes who is scheduled to be tested, missed a test, received a test result and what the result was. Most importantly, when an employee receives a positive test result, the HR Administrator will immediately receive either a web alert, text message or email which is connected to a contact tracing tool. Those tested negative within a defined time period, typically 7 days, will be provided an access pass to enter the client’s building. The C4TaaS solution, along with CLEARED4’s vaccine status tools help clients meet the recent mandates that are likely to soon come into effect in the US and are already being used in many countries around the world. CLEARED4’s clients across North America and Europe include school systems, college campuses, stadiums, corporations, buildings and events, including Netflix, Sun Chemicals, Live Nation, Oxford Properties, Yankee Stadium, City University of New York, School of Visual Arts, El Camino College and The Manhasset Union Free School District. CLEARED4 is a turnkey platform—used either as a frictionless, standalone experience or as a seamless integrated product in the app of any client—that enables a user’s COVID-19 health status to be connected to any form of access control in real-time such as venue apps or specific employer tools. The flexible solution enables partners to pick any combination of COVID-19 symptom checking, test results and vaccination data to trigger access to an entire location such as a venue or a classroom or a specific zone within that location, using any form of unique identifier, including custom QR codes, government IDs, membership cards, building access cards, wearables and facial recognition. For more information visit About CLEARED4 CLEARED4 is the most trusted health validation platform for COVID-19 and infectious disease safety available today, helping organizations future-proof their operations. The platform enables its clients and users to return safely and confidently to businesses, schools and stadiums, globally. CLEARED4 captures, validates and matches user’s information to real-time health data including health surveys, temperature screening, integrated COVID-19 test results and vaccination status. All this information is then synchronized with third-party systems like door access, digital displays and other control systems. CLEARED4 also supports real-time communication via its HIPAA/FERPA-compliant platform to enterprise IT systems and partner apps. CLEARED4 automates complex health-related administrative tasks with consistent delivery of its fully interoperable and configurable platform that is quick to deploy, needing no additional software development. CLEARED4 is helping the world reopen and stay open by issuing 10+ million safe access passes per month. CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce, students, visitors and fans. A partial list of CLEARED4 clients in the U.S. include corporations like Netflix, Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, law firms, hedge funds, retail shops, venues such as Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, SoFI Stadium, AT&T Stadium, and educational institutions such as CUNY, El Camino College, School of Visual Arts and Manhasset School District. Kaitlyn Kurosky High10 Media



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