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CLEARED4 partners with Eschbach

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Global software developer Eschbach, the provider of Shiftconnector® digital manufacturing software for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturing industries, announces a new partnership with CLEARED4.

Global software developer eschbach, the provider of Shiftconnector® digital manufacturing software for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturing sectors, announces a partnership to integrate Shiftconnector and CLEARED4, an employee health monitoring platform, to support healthy, safe and reliable production at manufacturing plants.

Shiftconnector, in combination with CLEARED4, has become the first shift-to-shift handover software in the industry to directly address the multitude of health and safety issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution simultaneously solves digital communications and collaboration challenges during shift-to-shift handovers, including reporting and contact tracing, management of process upsets and compliance-related routine activities.

"Shiftconnector has become increasingly important during the pandemic with manufacturing teams working both remotely and with skeleton teams onsite," said Andreas Eschbach, CEO of eschbach. "The opportunity to integrate CLEARED4 provides another level of safety for manufacturing operations and helps to mitigate risks and liabilities faced by the organization, especially in highly regulated industries like pharma and chemical. This partnership will help to ensure that operations have healthy staff to facilitate production," he added.

The integration of CLEARED4 with Shiftconnector provides a health management dashboard, including text messaging, health-centric technologies and on-site kiosks to obtain valuable health clearance and optimize safety as employees enter their facility to start their shift. Additionally, the platform gives access to COVID-19 test results for staff and integrates Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination status, allowing employers to track their employee health and contacts.

"We are delighted about this partnership and with our seamless integration with eschbach to help extend our CLEARED4 platform deeper into the critical manufacturing space. Our platform can improve an organization's compliance with COVID-19 protocols, and ensure they are future-proofed for up-and-coming regulations around contact tracing and vaccination tracking," said Dr. Soumi Eachempati , Founder and CEO of Chelsea Health Solutions and innovator of CLEARED4.

CLEARED4 recently celebrated the issuance of its one millionth COVID-19 free access pass, which enables employees to feel confident to work their shifts in a safe and healthy environment.

About eschbach and Shiftconnector®

With U.S. operations in Boston and headquartered in Germany, eschbach develops software for plant process management. Shiftconnector® provides a new level of team communication to ensure safety and improve plant effectiveness. The award-winning solution is trusted worldwide by leading manufacturing companies such as DuPont, BASF and Roche. For more information visit


CLEARED4, is one of a suite of COVID-safety solutions from Chelsea Health Solutions, a N.Y. company, enabling its clients to safely return to businesses, schools and stadiums across America. CLEARED4 is a patent-pending platform from Chelsea Health Solutions that provides a higher level of safety where COVID-19 cases could occur and afflict other individuals. Pioneered from advanced technology, CLEARED4 includes advanced symptom monitoring, secure access control, automated contract tracing and COVID testing.

Chelsea Health Solutions launched the CLEARED4 platform in April 2020 with CLEARED4WORK, and more recently launched additional vertical specific solutions including CLEARED4CLASS, CLEARED4FANS, CLEARED4DINING and CLEARED4TRAVEL.

CLEARED4 is easy to implement and can be integrated into the back-to-work plan of a new client within 24 hours. For more information, visit

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