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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

CLEARED4 is Empowering Employees to Safely Return to Work By Sharing COVID-19 Test Results Through Human API’s Consumer Health Data Platform

Today, November 13, 2020 CLEARED4, a market leader in return-to-work safety solutions, announced that the company has integrated COVID-19 test results into their return-to-work platform through Human API. Human API is a consumer health data platform that enables CLEARED4’s customers to access their employee’s COVID-19 test data in real-time from over 5,000 leading labs, including Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and CVS.

As workplaces reopen, monitoring employee health status with ongoing COVID-19 test results data will be critical in maintaining a safe work environment. This strategic partnership with Human API allows CLEARED4’s customers to consolidate all their employee and office visitor COVID-19 test results into one health management platform that supports a safe return to work.

“We knew accessing COVID-19 test results in real-time would be critical to a safe reopening of workplaces and venues across the country,” said Ashley John Heather, President & COO of CLEARED4. “We were looking for a platform that could deliver ubiquitous test results and found that in Human API’s consumer health data platform. After months of development and testing our clients are now using our industry-first solution to make better informed decisions about when and how to reopen safely.”

“We’re seeing an emerging ecosystem of COVID-19 technologies that are aimed at helping

us reopen the country safely,” said Andrei Pop, Founding CEO of Human API. “Our mission is to radically accelerate the pace of health innovation and we’re really excited to be working alongside forward-looking organizations like CLEARED4 that are paving the way for a safe return to work and normal living.”

Launched in April 2020, in New York, CLEARED4’s health management platform uses text messaging, health-centric technologies and on-site kiosks to obtain valuable health clearance and optimize safe reopenings. The CLEARED4 system requires no cumbersome apps to be downloaded and delivers an intuitive, user-friendly experience. This unique approach results in maximal adoption of the platform which ultimately enables the safest possible work environment. CLEARED4 recently celebrated the issuance of its one millionth Covid-19-free access pass and is currently being used across industries such as finance (Soros Capital Management), education (Manhasset School District), sports stadiums (including AT&T Stadium the home of the Dallas Cowboys), and manufacturing (Sun Chemical).

In addition to facilitating access to COVID-19 test results through Human API, CLEARED4 was the first commercially available solution to integrate Influenza and Covid-19 vaccination data into its platform and allowing employers to track their employee health vaccination status.


CLEARED4, is one of a suite of Covid-safety solutions from Chelsea Health Solutions, a NY company, enabling its clients to safely return to businesses, schools and stadiums across America. CLEARED4 is a patent-pending platform from Chelsea Health Solutions that provides a higher level of safety where COVID-19 cases could occur and afflict other individuals. Pioneered from advanced technology, CLEARED4CLASS includes advanced symptom monitoring, secure access control, automated contract tracing and Covid testing.

Chelsea Health Solutions launched the CLEARED4 platform in April 2020 with CLEARED4WORK, and more recently launched additional vertical specific solutions including CLEARED4CLASS, CLEARED4FANS, CLEARED4DINING and CLEARED4TRAVEL.

CLEARED4 is easy to implement and can be integrated into the back-to-work plan of a new client within 24 hours. For more information, visit

About Human API

Human API is on a mission to radically accelerate the pace of health innovation by giving consumers the easiest way to connect and share health data with companies they trust. The company has built a consumer health data platform that connects, normalizes, and structures data from a rapidly-growing network of hospitals, pharmacies, labs, wearable devices and fitness apps, and EHR data partners. Human API empowers insurance, corporate wellness, health plans, digital therapeutics and clinical research organizations to build and deliver consumer-centric apps and services with electronic health records (EHR) and personal device data from everywhere. For more information, visit

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