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CLEARED4 provides a turnkey, easy-to-use platform that reduces up to 80% of the administration burden associated with managing the new COVID regulation

New York—February 9, 2023—CLEARED4, a global health and safety leader, provides a real-time health and safety platform that can be used to automate and optimize any organization’s compliance with Cal/OSHA’s newly-extended COVID-19 prevention regulations. These new and updated Cal/OSHA regulations are for all employers conducting business in California. The guidelines are mandatory for at least the next two years, with a requirement to store records for the next three years. If ignored, these new regulations can result in large financial penalties exceeding $150,000 per incident. These requirements can be summarized as:

  • Identifying and tracking all COVID-19 cases in the office

  • Performing ongoing contact tracing and notifying exposed employees

  • Maintaining records of all COVID-19 cases

  • Making testing and masks available to eligible employees at no cost

  • Reporting cases to the local health department

  • Reporting any major outbreaks to Cal/OSHA

  • Managing office exclusions for those affected

CLEARED4 has already worked with large organizations such as Netflix, T-Mobile, Chime Financial, and many others to manage the complexity of government mandates, organizational risks, and employee expectations surrounding COVID-19 health and safety.

With its new updates, CLEARED4 will automate all the new requirements, minimizing administration and avoiding any risk of financial penalties. Organizations can now stop using administrative intensive and less accurate paper-based or spreadsheet solutions that many organizations have been using as a band-aid solution during the pandemic.

“Think of CLEARED4 as an inexpensive insurance policy as we transition into this endemic phase,” said Ashley John Heather, co-founder and president, CLEARED4. “Make a small investment now to protect your organization from the increased financial penalties that result from failure to comply, whether intentional or not. The return on investment is now even clearer with these large fines and 2+ year timeline for compliance.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact operational complexity, healthcare costs, and reputation risk for organizations, CLEARED4 works with organizations to simplify this complexity and lower the risk with a proven return on investment. Proactive health and safety playbooks are based on best practices, not mandates, and no matter the magnitude, CLEARED4 is preparing to scale its resources required to support the growing demand in California.

Beyond just tracking COVID-19, CLEARED4’s tools provide real-time, actionable data for health monitoring, staff availability, and workflow/process compliance. CLEARED4 has been deployed across 90+ countries, serving millions of users in dozens of languages.

CLEARED4’s clients include AFLAC, Alterra Mountain Company, American Cancer Society, Cisco, City University of New York, Coinbase, Electronic Arts, LiveNation, Netflix, SAG-AFTRA, T-Mobile and many more.

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CLEARED4 helps organizations around the world future-proof their businesses from the impact of current and future health & safety compliance requirements. Its products and services allow local and global clients to ensure operational readiness, minimizing any financial, legal and productivity impacts on the organization.

The secure and HIPAA compliant platform enables its clients and users to work safely and confidently across businesses, schools, stadiums and travel, globally. CLEARED4 captures, validates and matches user’s information to real-time health data including health surveys, temperature screening, integrated COVID-19 test results and vaccination management. All this information is then synchronized with third-party systems like door controls, digital displays and other access systems. CLEARED4 automates complex health and safety administrative tasks with reliable delivery of its flexible and configurable platform, deployed in days not months.

With a new era of pandemics, the unpredictability of infectious diseases means ongoing waves for the foreseeable future. In response, CLEARED4 generates customized workflows to address varying risk levels while utilizing risk-driven playbooks, providing operational readiness and applying health and safety best practices through technology.

CLEARED4 takes data privacy seriously, and never sells end-user data, nor markets other services to its users.


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