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Five critical things manufacturing leaders must know to return employees to work safely in 2021

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Manufacturers have some of the biggest challenges in reopening during the pandemic. They have many employees in multiple locations and many need to be onsite in arid conditions with need for proximity. We studied the specific needs of manufacturing and provided a template for them to combat their specific industry difficulties. Quite simply, they need to have the utmost preparation for their reopenings and be able to utilize aggressive symptom monitoring, access control, contact tracing, and testing. Using all these tools in an electronic format will facilitate their record-keeping and automate a high standard of diligence.

They should take the following steps:

1. Respect the virus

2. Know their own specific vulnerabilities

3. Test and trace appropriately and frequently

4. Encourage and monitor vaccination

5. Document all these processes

A full description of the challenges of manufacturers and how to combat them is detailed in my recent article in the HR Gazette.

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