• Cleared4 Team

Integrating Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring into Touchless Kiosks for Safe, Ubiquitous Access Control

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Chelsea Health Solutions (CHS), a market leader in Covid-19 return-to-work solutions with its CLEARED4WORK™ platform is pleased to announce its’ two latest partnerships. First, CHS has partnered with RedyRef, a leader in providing interactive kiosk solutions to enterprise clients such as AT&T, Micros Systems and American Well. This partnership enables the ubiquitous use and on-site availability for CLEARED4WORK’s Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring and Access Control solutions in numerous locations around the world.

In addition to this partnership with Redyref, CLEARED4WORK recently partnered with PreScan Health, who provide a unique touchless kiosk integrating thermal imaging and facial recognition. With these systems integrated seamlessly, the CLEARED4WORK platform becomes the most comprehensive, and turn-key Covid-19 safety solution on the market for enterprise clients.

“We are seeing an urgent need from our existing enterprise clients to make our solution even more accessible to all their staff and visitors. By integrating kiosks into CLEARED4WORK, we are creating a larger foothold and the more comprehensive solution our larger clients are demanding,” says CLEARED4WORK’s Chief Operating Officer, Ashley John Heather. “We are also pleased to partner with the most sophisticated and convenient thermal imaging solutions for our discerning business partners.”

CLEARED4WORK enables its clients to automate the process of Monitoring Covid-19 symptoms for both employees and visitors. The system operates on a novel pass system based on a self-reported questionnaire where employees at low-risk for Covid-19 or coronavirus transmission are issued a patent-pending GreenPass™ that can be tightly integrated with onsite access control systems.

The product provides documentation of symptom attestation by employees which creates a safer environment for employees and could mitigate litigation risk for employers. By extending use on smartphones and tablets to include RedyRef’s interactive kiosks, the CLEARED4WORK platform can become ubiquitous in the workplace and be utilized by all employees and visitors independent of their access to smartphone technology. This partnership also ensures that CLEARED4WORK can be ADA compliant and serve as many clients as possible.

The RedyRef enGAGE Family of Kiosks can be customized as needed based on client’s requirements including using the latest thermal imaging technology for temperature checking. In addition, RedyRef will provide nationwide on-site service and support for all CLEARED4WORK clients.

About Cleared4Work

CLEARED4WORK is a comprehensive platform that provides a higher level of safety in the workplace where Covid-19 cases could occur and afflict other individuals. Pioneered from advanced technology by FluChecker.com, CLEARED4WORK includes an advanced symptom monitor that enables a review of each individuals’ risk factors for inspection or exposure. The platform provides a user-friendly dashboard to allow real-time contact tracing, which can potentially prevent individual cases from developing into larger office outbreaks. CLEARED4WORK can incorporate Covid-19 disease and serology antibody testing that can be added to employee profiles so enhanced monitoring occurs for potentially clearing employees to go back to work faster, safer and more efficiently. CLEARED4WORK is easy to implement and can be integrated into the back-to-work plan of a new client within 24 hours. Prospective clients should visit www.CLEARED4WORK.com to learn more about getting a demonstration and configuration options and finding the product most suitable for their own needs.

About Chelsea Health Solutions

CHS is based in New York, and an innovator in Health Technology. Over the past three years, CHS has been building innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of remote patient monitoring and at-home symptom checking. It has three solutions in the marketplace including GONOGO. The app was launched as the first sophisticated and customizable symptom checker, designed to reduce the long wait times associated with often unnecessary ER visits.

In early March, 2020, CHS adapted its groundbreaking Symptom checking platform GONOGO and released its second product, FluChecker. FluChecker was the first widely available symptom checker specifically designed for Covid-19 with this product available free to the public to screen for Covid-19 symptoms before the CDC or any of the large technology companies that subsequently created products in this space.

In April 2020, CHS launched its third product, CLEARED4WORK, which has quickly become a market leader in the return-to-work arena by allowing employers to monitor employee symptoms and automate the implementation of Covid-19 related safety procedures.

About RedyRef

Established more than 100 years ago, RedyRef Interactive Kiosks is a US-based manufacturer of interactive kiosks, digital directories and related software. RedyRef has earned its reputation over the years with world class capabilities in self-service kiosk design & development. Core competencies in kiosk manufacturing include customizable kiosk design, engineering and fabrication; on the software end, transactional systems, touch screen directories, interactive wayfinding, digital signage, and automated driver’s license testing. Currently, RedyRef has four manufacturing locations in the US, totaling 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space & software development. For information, visit www.redyref.com.