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KOACORE taps CLEARED4 to implement Covid protocols at concerts, events nationwide

CLEARED4’s full platform is being utilized for vaccine verification and to automate the onsite testing process for multiple amphitheater and stadium events covering hundreds of thousands of fans

New York—September 13, 2021

CLEARED4, the nation’s largest and most trusted HIPAA-compliant business continuity platform, today announced its partnership with KOACORE, a best-in-class safety management firm. KOACORE, along with CLEARED4, is involved in ensuring health safety at events and concert tours across the country.

CLEARED4 is working with KOACORE in providing the complete platform for on-site testing and vaccine verification for music fans that haven’t been pre-cleared through the platform. CLEARED4 is the only platform to manage pass access in advance, as well as onsite exception management with all activity available on one platform.

KOACORE is responsible for advance planning, designing schematics, staffing, program implementation, and on-site servicing from soup to nuts to deliver a one-stop safety shop for all fans, all while leveraging CLEARED4 technology.

“CLEARED4 is a best-in-class software provider with vaccine verification, symptom monitoring and access control. We are proud to partner with CLEARED4 as an integral component of the Return to Live,” said Teddy Raskin, CEO and co-founder of KOACORE.

CLEARED4 is a turnkey platform—used either as a frictionless, standalone experience or as a seamless integrated product in the app of any client—that enables a user’s COVID-19 health status to be connected to any form of access control in real-time such as venue apps or specific employer tools.

The flexible solution enables partners to pick any combination of COVID-19 symptom checking, test results and vaccination data to trigger access to an entire location such as a venue or a classroom or a specific zone within that location, using any form of unique identifier, including custom QR codes, government IDs, membership cards, building access cards, wearables and facial recognition.

“CLEARED4’s goal is to reach as many people as possible in an effort to aid reopening and the return of live—be it sports, concerts or other major events. In working with established partners like KOACORE, we are consistently providing clients with the best resources for safe reopening,” said Ashley Heather, co-founder and president of CLEARED4.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, KOACORE was founded to support US citizens and organizations by providing them with PPE products and safety solutions needed to battle the novel coronavirus.

CLEARED4’s platform was developed in response to the enormous compliance, administration and financial burdens on organizations wanting to reopen and stay open during this pandemic. CLEARED4 is currently enabling more than 10 million access pass entries per month and growing rapidly.

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CLEARED4 is the most trusted health validation platform for COVID-19 and infectious disease safety available today, helping organizations future-proof their operations. The platform enables its clients and users to return safely and confidently to businesses, schools and stadiums, globally. CLEARED4 captures, validates and matches user’s information to real-time health data including health surveys, temperature screening, integrated COVID-19 test results and vaccination status. All this information is then synchronized with third-party systems like door access, digital displays and other control systems. CLEARED4 also supports real-time communication via its HIPAA/FERPA-compliant platform to enterprise IT systems and partner apps. CLEARED4 automates complex health-related administrative tasks with consistent delivery of its fully interoperable and configurable platform that is quick to deploy, needing no additional software development.

CLEARED4 is helping the world reopen and stay open by issuing 10+ million safe access passes per month. CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce, students, visitors and fans. A partial list of CLEARED4 clients in the U.S. include corporations like Netflix, Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, law firms, hedge funds, retail shops, venues such as Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, SoFI Stadium, AT&T Stadium, and educational institutions such as CUNY, El Camino College, School of Visual Arts and Manhasset School District.


KOACORE is a full-service safety management firm. As leaders in event management and COVID safety, KOACORE partners with best-in-class technology platforms, manufacturers, medical advisors, and staffing companies to provide a one-stop-shop for all safety.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, KOACORE was founded to support US citizens and organizations by supplying them with the PPE products and safety solutions needed to battle the novel coronavirus. KOACORE provides PPE procurement, access management, vaccine validation, on-site COVID testing, and safety advisory and consulting offering a range of services to its clientele.

As the needs of citizens and businesses evolved throughout the pandemic, KOACORE realized the need for more robust safety solutions. KOACORE engaged partners, such as CLEARED4, to provide a complete Return to Live program for events, enterprises, and educational institutions.

KOACORE and its partners are providing professional safety programs for large scale entertainment companies as well as Fortune 500s, tech firms, school districts, and corporate offices. To date, KOACORE has delivered over 22 million safety products, including personal safety products to WAXIE, Midway Dental, Tranzonic, SUNY Hospitals, the State of California’s Department of General Services, and the Illinois State Board of Education.

KOACORE is proud to be part of the Return to Live by ensuring its clients have access to best-in-class safety, guidance, equipment, and support.

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