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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

CLEARED4, the first US company to provide real-time access to places of employment and venues based on Covid-19 status, including AT&T Stadium and Madison Square Garden, will provide its software to MKJ’s GuestCred system

New York--June 22, 2021--CLEARED4, the nation’s largest and most trusted COVID-19 health validation platform, today announced its partnership with MKJ Communications, an industry leader in engineering and integrating critical communications systems. CLEARED4 will provide its software solutions to MKJ’s GuestCred, a security access system that was built around the pandemic. GuestCred scans, records, and processes the health and identity of entrants entering a facility, like a hospital.

CLEARED4, which earlier last month announced it validated its 10 millionth Covid access pass, is a HIPAA-compliant platform that was developed in response to the enormous compliance, administration and financial burdens on organizations wanting to reopen and stay open during this pandemic. The company is currently enabling more than 2 million access pass entries per month and growing rapidly.

CLEARED4 is a turnkey platform that enables a user’s COVID-19 health status to be connected to any form of access control in real-time, including venue apps or employer tools. The flexible solution enables partners to pick any combination of COVID-19 symptom checking, test results and vaccination data to trigger access to a whole location, like a venue, or a specific zone within a location.

CLEARED4’s platform can be used either as a frictionless, standalone experience or as a seamlessly integrated product in the app of any client. The innovative technology allows partners to select any form of unique identifier to trigger access to venues, buildings, schools, and more, including custom QR codes, government IDs, membership cards, building access cards, wearables, and now facial recognition.

The CLEARED4 solution has been designed to offer a long-term, flexible and modular approach to allow businesses and venues to control which safety steps to use as pandemic requirements rapidly evolve.

“Our relationship with MKJ will provide a higher level of support for employers with mass people moving--whether that is employees, customers or the general public. CLEARED4’s technology and platform is working to keep people safe in as efficient a way as possible,” said Ashley John Heather, co-founder and president of CLEARED4.

“In working with CLEARED4, our GuestCred system will provide employers a tool for a safer environment, thereby minimizing the risk for employees and the public,” said MKJ Communications in a statement.

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CLEARED4, is the largest and most trusted health validation platform that enables its clients and users to safely return to businesses, schools and stadiums across America. CLEARED4 is a patent-pending HIPAA-compliant platform, allowing partners to connect COVID-19 health status information from any data source to any form of ID for access control and zone management. CLEARED4 is able to accept and validate any health pass and integrate seamlessly into partner apps, allowing for the most flexibility on the market.

Pioneered from medical and engineering experts, CLEARED4 connects a user’s health data to a building’s access control in real-time enabling clients to configure what level of COVID-19 safety is needed to meet local health guidelines, including ID verification for contract tracing, temperature checking, COVID-19 symptom monitoring, test results and now vaccination validation. Importantly, CLEARED4 does not own nor use the data collected for any other purpose. A user’s identity nor personal health information is never shared with any third party.

CLEARED4 is a pioneer in the space, launching in April 2020 with CLEARED4WORK, and now including additional vertical specific solutions including CLEARED4CLASS, CLEARED4FANS, CLEARED4DINING and CLEARED4TRAVEL.

CLEARED4 offers a number of solutions that have already been adopted at organizations and venues across the country including Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, SoFI Stadium, AT&T Stadium, corporations like Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, multiple hedge funds and retails shops, municipalities including Suffolk County, and school districts across the country including Manhasset and Oyster Bay in NY.

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