• Gregory Zeller

Schools, Other Post-Pandemic Verticals Cleared4 Liftoff

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

AUGUST 25, 2020


A Southampton-based startup with a patent-pending post-pandemic platform is now helping school districts safely reopen in COVID-19’s wake. Cleared4Class is the latest addition to the Cleared4 platform, which is designed to help businesses, institutions and organizations meet specific social-distancing requirements on a sector-by-sector basis.

A spinoff of automation-minded, artificial intelligence-powered, Southampton-based 2017 startup Chelsea Health Solutions, Cleared4 was created by Chelsea cofounders Soumi Eachempati and Rob Todd, along with Ashley Heather, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Spur, a Hamptons-based network of private entrepreneurs’ clubs. The spinoff spun up in May with Cleared4Work, designed to help safely reopen office spaces, and followed up in July with Cleared4Fans, a partnership with event/hospitality powerhouse Legends (itself a joint venture between the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones) built to repopulate stadiums and arenas.

And now comes Cleared4Class, a highly customizable platform for schools and colleges working to bring back students, staff and parents as safely as possible. The system provides “comprehensive and frictionless symptom monitoring” with automated contact tracing, tracking and trending functions, including “secure mobile passes” that can be “combined with temperature checks” and issued to students and employees.

The platform incorporates tech repurposed from GONOGO and FluChecker, flagship Chelsea Health Solutions apps designed to advance the art of symptom-checking. First to sign on is the Manhasset Union Free School District, which found the right combination of proactive precautions and response actions in the Cleared4Class platform, according to Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finance Rosemary Johnson.

“We are committed to creating the safest environment for our students, faculty and staff when we reopen,” Johnson said in a statement. “After an extensive review of our options, it was evident that the Cleared4Class solution best met our needs, and we are excited to have them as our partner.”

The creators expect to strike similar chords with other school districts and institutions, according to Eachempati, who said the Cleared4Class platform can be integrated into most school-reopening plans within 24 hours.

“We are extremely pleased to bring Cleared4Class to the Manhasset School District,” the innovator added. “We greatly appreciate the tremendous commitment Manhasset has to the education of all its children and we are truly honored to partner with them in this important endeavor.”

Source: https://www.innovateli.com/multiple-verticals-cleared4-liftoff-including-schools/