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Special Events Business News | Sep 01, 2022

Hot off the Press

Global health and safety leader CLEARED4 is automating the management of best practice COVID-19 safety workflows for global conferences, events and trade shows. The health risk management software and services allow organizers to stay up-to-date with the complexities of managing safe events and spaces. The platform uniquely provides pre-event screenings to test attendees and staff before they arrive at the event, with onsite services to support non-compliant individuals, granting or denying access to badges in real-time, and post-event tools to provide contract tracing to limit superspreader events. CLEARED4 has been deployed globally, serving millions of users, in dozens of languages, issuing over 200 million safe entries, regardless of industry or size.

Read our full press release here. CLEARED4 is the global leader in events for COVID test and vaccine management, contact us to learn more.

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