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This changes everything: Multiple children die from Kawasaki-like syndrome linked to Covid-19

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Up until recently, clinicians and parents comforted in knowing that the overwhelming majority of deaths from Covid-19 occurred in older patients. This week, reports surfaced in New York State that 3 children had died from a Kawasaki-like syndrome called "pediatric multi-system inflammatory system" while 107 others were stricken with the syndrome. Earlier, European officials had reported that 50 children with probable links to Covid-19 had presented with the syndrome and unfortunately one of them had died as well. In Italy, 10 children had presented with the syndrome but thankfully none of them succumbed.

Specific details of these New York State deaths were not disclosed so exact conclusions are not available. However, the deaths of these children could significantly alter the resumption of normal activities for children. State and education officials will be debating the safety of schools in the fall until a definitive cure for this syndrome can be considered foolproof. Currently, anti-inflammatory treatments such as steroids of intravenous immunoglobulin have been the historic treatment. While these treatments were successful in Italy, the deaths and the cluster of cases in just a single state will create repercussions.

As news of these deaths circulates the state, officials may unroof other deaths that may be related to this syndrome. Until questions around these deaths are answered publicly, school will be unlikely to open in the fall.



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