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Ukrainian Refugee Situation & COVID-19

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Everyone feels sympathetic to the Ukrainian people. But this refugee crisis could dramatically affect Western Europe, the US, and the world at large in other ways. Ukraine’s 35% vaccination rate is one of the lowest in Europe. With over a million and a half people already displaced and living in overcrowded conditions without masks or medical care, the next crisis could be imminent. The conditions and the mass migration of these people to the rest of Europe could create a catastrophic wave of COVID-19 cases and frighteningly, spark a new generation of more contagious variants.

Dr. Soumi Eachempati, in his weekly interview with Laura Coates (3/7/2022) on Sirius XM radio, discusses this humanitarian crisis. He outlines the potential impact on the world, what can be done, and more. Listen here. Other topics on the show that Laura asked him to discuss this week include 1) the Florida Department of Health’s controversial recommendations against childhood vaccines and 2) the current record COVID-19 surge in South Korea despite one of the highest vaccination and booster rates in the world.

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