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Connecting Health, Availability, and Productivity for Todays Hybrid Workforce

Just minutes a day helps boost your organization's effectiveness by improving your overall worker productivity with CLEARED4’s Daily Pulse.

The Daily Pulse provides real-time, actionable insights so organizations can optimize their human resources to reach peak performance.

The Daily Pulse platform is a centralized view of your data, connecting employee availability from calendars, with sickness tracking from HR systems and combining it with real-time location and employee sentiment.


Any absent individuals receive seamless access to best-in-class resources to accelerate their journey from sickness to wellness. While they are out, their supervisors and teams are notified in real-time and 1-click tools are provided to manage commitments, change priorities or even book temp replacements.

CLEARED4’s Daily Pulse ensures the Right Information is shared with the Right Person at the Right Time.

Productivity dropped by 7.5% in 2022, the largest decline since 1947.

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With the avalanche of stressors from the rise of the tripledemic, the challenges of the hybrid workplace to lower workforce participation and organizational right sizing, has led to the first U.S. productivity decline in 50 years.

The Daily Pulse enables clients to ask their staff two core questions:

1)  How are you feeling?

Anonymously gather employee sentiment

2)  Are you working today?

Capture working availability and expected work location


Additional custom questions can be updated on any frequency in the platform.


CLEARED4’s Daily Pulse also has an open marketplace that can seamlessly integrate questions from third-party apps greatly expanding the tools available to assess and improve company culture or team performance.


The Daily Pulse integrates with the most popular HR software like Workday & PeopleSoft as well as calendar systems like Microsoft Teams & G Suite and many more!


Built on an intelligent platform using A.I. and Machine Learning, The Daily Pulse provides operational insights that empower HR and management teams to achieve better business outcomes, connected workforces, and more engaged people, driving productivity.

Responses are anonymous to protect privacy. HR is then notified of changes in sentiment by team, location or business unit, but not by individual.

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There is no app for
end users to download. Employees have access on any device to the CLEARED4 interface which contains all their data. They can also get automated SMS or
email reminders to upload or share information as needed.

The Daily Pulse helps manage:

  • Illness and days away from the office allowing you to obtain additional resources in real time and communicate with the rest of the team

  • Test kits to be sent to homes for those with contagious disease symptoms to help determine sickness

  • Mental health status as hybrid working changes

  • Coordinate meetings for those in the office and for people working offsite

  • Track office locations for access control, tax reporting, collaboration, and communication

  • Communications and notifications to supervisors, management, and team members in real time

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CLEARED4’s Health Management Platform
Automates Building Access Control

CLEARED4 technology helps organizations around the world future-proof their businesses from the impact of health and safety compliance requirements by utilizing risk-driven playbooks and best practices. The CLEARED4 platform automates complex health, safety, and productivity administrative tasks with reliable delivery of its flexible and configurable solutions.

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Vaccine Booster Management

  • Confirm vaccination
    status in real-time

  • Individual identity verified

  • Immunity expiration countdown when vaccine boosters are needed

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Testing and Tracking

  • Global Video Proctoring services for authentic test results

  • Securely upload test results in our HIPAA compliant platform

  • Test Kits - You can set up a program to buy in bulk and provide kits to your employees


Health Surveys

  • No app required, no passwords to forget, and works on any device

  • Daily 5-second surveys are customizable

  • Customize screenings to meet your organization’s needs

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Building Access Controls

  • Automated building access to enforce entry policies 

  • Runs on tablets, kiosks, devices

  • Integrates with access control systems via APIs

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Contact Tracing

  • Automated and immediate notification of potential exposure

  • Cross-reference vaccination status, testing status, contact tracing, and more

  • Helps prevent outbreaks, facility shutdowns, and lost productivity


HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

  • Color-coded management of  COVID-19 health and safety 

  • Integrated tools to manage quarantine or testing protocols, exposures, and access

  • Customizable for each workplace

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