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Santa Barbara City College


The Customer

Santa Barbara City College, is a southern California-based public community college with three campuses, 14,000 undergraduate and continuing education students, and nearly 900 faculty and staff.

The Challenge

As the 2021 fall semester drew near, COVID-19 community levels were still on the rise. The college was transitioning from remote-only learning to a hybrid model and needed a way to safely welcome students back on campus and prevent any major outbreaks of infection. Even with a dedicated health services team and a partnership with a local lab to conduct testing, the college was overwhelmed with the onerous task of manually processing the data, conducting contact tracing, and communicating time-sensitive and private health information to students, faculty, and staff.

The Solution

With its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and secure all-in-one platform, CLEARED4 is able to efficiently collect and disseminate student, faculty, and staff health data through a fully automated, daily health survey.

The customized application:

  • Collects and uploads information related to COVID-19

  • Evaluates the potential for exposure

  • Implements a best practice protocol as needed

  • Controls campus access with a compliance-based bracelet system 

  • Ensures all campus visitors can safely partake in in-person activities

We are committed to CLEARED4 as our technology partner to guide us through the regulations, largely due to their continued innovation to drive efficiencies and lower our risk exposure.

Before CLEARED4, we were constantly chasing a moving target as COVID-19 levels fluctuated and local mandates continued to change. We were collecting so much health data but had no way to use it as effectively and efficiently as we needed to.


The CLEARED4 platform has allowed us to track exactly what is happening on campus on any given day so we can make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. One of the main reasons we use CLEARED4 is to help with data management as it pertains to the new CAL OSHA regulation.

Lisa Lopez, Information Technology Dept.

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The Benefits

The college started using the CLEARED4 platform in September 2021 and has successfully maintained all in-person instruction and athletic events since that time, even after removing their on-campus COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements. To date, they have not experienced any widespread outbreaks of the virus. Through the use of the tagging features within the platform to easily and securely communicate real-time information to different segments of their campus population, the college is no longer reliant on instructors to control access to classrooms and public gathering spaces.

What’s Next

Using the CLEARED4 platform, the college has up-to-date, reliable data at all times and is able to pivot compliance protocols quickly, even as local COVID-19 regulations evolve. For example, on December 15, 2022, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board voted to adopt non-emergency COVID-19 Prevention regulations. These regulations will take effect once they are approved by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). The regulations are designed to protect workers from the ongoing risk of COVID-19, and for the next two years, will require all businesses in the state to identify all COVID-19 health hazards in the office, conduct ongoing contact tracing, and communicate possible exposures as needed to all affected employees.


In addition, the regulations stipulate that employers must maintain records of COVID-19 cases for the next three years. CLEARED4 not only enables the college to continue to protect the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff, but it also allows them to easily maintain compliance with state regulations.

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Customer Success Stories

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