Symptom Monitoring

Due to CDC guidelines, all offices, schools, airlines, venues that have employees, students or visitors needs to ensure anyone who enters the premises is free from Covid-19 symptoms.

CLEARED4's solution provides the most comprehensive health screening questionnaire, which is constantly updated with the latest CDC and state quarantine guidelines.

No need for your internal HR, legal and compliance teams to have to monitor all the changes, CLEARED4's tool is always up to date, keeping you 100% compliant.


  • No app required, no passwords to forget, survey works on any device

  • Multiple survey options for staff, students and visitors

  • Survey can be branded and customized to meet clients needs

  • Updated in realtime to ensure 100% compliance with any CDC or State quarantine changes

  • Scheduled reminders can be sent to users to complete the survey in-advance

  • Options for daily, weekly or as-needed reminders and notifications

  • Visitors can complete survey on their phones or on kiosk on premises

  • Users can be promoted to complete the full survey everyday, or have access to a quick one-question response for repeat visitors


  • No internal resources are needed to edit or update the survey

  • Ensures client is 100% compliant to all Covid-19 related regulations

  • Automated reminders help drive 100% adoption of the survey tool for end users

  • 100% of users can access the survey via their phone, computer or on-site kiosk

  • Outcomes and messaging can be customized to match clients needs

Frictionless Symptom Monitoring & Secure Access Passes for Your Employees

The CLEARED process is easy for your employees to use on any device, with no app download, and no passwords to remember.

Complete Health Survey

End user is securely messaged with daily reminders to take CDC-approved symptom monitor​​ing questions. 

Survey can be completed in under 60 seconds

Receive Status

Our AI back-end allocates a simple color coded

health status based on the results.

Obtain Pass

Secure Access Passes are issued to healthy users and guidance provided to those with no symptoms for 14 days.

Show Pass

 Authorized employee can scan their mobile passes to gain access to the building upon arrival.

CLEARED4® Dashboard

The CLEARED4® dashboard eliminates the need for paper based documentation, and any manual processes. From health monitoring and temperature checking, to building access, contract tracing and integrated testing, CLEARED4® covers everything an organization needs to do to bring their employees back safely.

CLEARED4® Automates

  • Compliance Documentation

  • Covid Symptom Monitoring

  • Access Passes/Control

  • Resource Management

  • Staff Communication

  • Contact Trace Reporting

  • Covid-19 end-user testing

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