Comprehensive COVID Testing Solution 
Keep Safe, Open, and Compliant.

Testing as a Service (C4TaaS) allows organizations around the world to address all their COVID testing, tracking, and reporting needs with one end-to-end health verification platform.

CLEARED4’s Testing as a Service helps organizations around the world stay open and productive.

We can provide guidance on everything you need around COVID testing - from how to select the best type of testing/test frequency based on who needs safe access to your building to contact tracing and follow-up best practices for people who have tested positive for COVID. 


Our end-to-end testing solution securely integrates critical COVID test result information from any source into our privacy-compliant platform … all to keep your people safe, your operations open and compliant, and our world productive.

End-To-End Testing Solutions


Need help planning and executing the COVID testing protocols to ensure only those people who meet your organization’s specific COVID health requirements
(e.g, vaccination status and test results) get access to shared spaces?  CLEARED4 and its partners can help you outline necessary Health Compliance = Access.

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* from 12/2021

** week of 1/10/2022

Introducing Video-Proctored COVID Testing

To comply with mandates that require proctored testing and to assist people with the COVID testing process, CLEARED4 is introducing HealthVu - a live video-call test experience.  HealthVu ensures test accuracy, tracks test authenticity/provides proof, and provides the flexibility to cost-effectively test small to large numbers of people.

How HealthVu Video-Proctured Testing Works

Users can be COVID tested while doing a live video call to ensure accuracy/authenticity. Simply follow the steps below:


Learn more about the self-administered COVID test in a live video session with a chat administrator.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to take a COVID test and chat with the test administrator.

What Type of COVID-19 Test Fits Your Needs?

CLEARED4 can help you choose the right test for the individual who seeks to access your organization.  For example, an antigen test might be perfect for a visitor since it is fast, reliable and less expensive. For mission-critical workers who require daily access, a regimen of pooled PCR tests deliver both accuracy and value. We will work with you to also determine the best way to deliver tests - shipped to home, office or conducted at a lab/drug store.  In any instance, test result data can easily and securely be uploaded to the CLEARED4 platform to deliver real-time access passes and communication.

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What is the Geographic Coverage for CLEARED4 Testing as a Service?


We have built a nationwide network in the US and have started to expand globally.  These are the countries that we are serving.


North America

United States, Canada


Mexico, Colombia, Brazil & Argentina 


Singapore, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Australia & India


UK, France, Germany

How Does Testing as a Service Work in the US?

Our US Network Includes Partnerships with

95% of the Top Medical Labs & Over 30,000 Retail Drug Stores


Use our premium in-network labs for end-to-end

services such as: 

  • Onsite or remote locations

  • Book appointments or walk-in

  • COVID Test kit ordering/fulfillment

  • HealthVu Video-proctored testing

  • Real-time results integrated into CLEARED4 platform through Lab

  • Flexible payment solutions


Use retail testing network that is connected to CLEARED4:

  • Users pick any location that is convenient for them (e.g., Walgreens, CVS, etc.)

  • Take test at location

  • Connect their results to
    CLEARED4 via drug store


Test anywhere and have users directly upload

results to CLEARED4:

  • Self-swab and self-report
    test results


What is the Experience for the Person Managing COVID Safety for the Organization?

CLEARED4’s easy-to-use, privacy-compliant dashboard enables Clients to see an overview of their employees testing status, including:

  • Who is scheduled to be tested?

  • Who missed a test?

  • Who received a test result?

  • What the result was?


What Happens if Someone Receives a Positive Test Result?

With highly infectious COVID variants, positivity rates have been rising. CLEARED4 can help you develop and implement standard operating procedures for those who have tested positive including communication, contact tracing, access control, follow-up testing post quarantine period, reinstatement and on-going COVID test management.  For example, with CLEARED4, a real-time positive test results means:

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The HR Administrator will immediately receive either a web alert, text message or email



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Access Pass

The employee immediately loses their access pass. Their pass will be either reinstated by the administrator or when enough time has passed they are no longer contagious and/or have tested negative

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Contact Tracing

The HR Administrator will immediately receive contact tracing information based on employee work groups, access history, etc. to communicate with potentially exposed employees, remove their access passes until exposure can be verified, exposed employees are quarantined, and/or employees get a negative test result

What is the Pricing for Testing as a Service?

Testing kits range about $10-12 for Antigen to $80 for PCR. Test costs may be covered by insurance.  

Video-Proctoring-only is under $10 per test. Volume discounts can be negotiated.

Learn how CLEARED4’s Testing as a Service is helping organizations around the world stay productive and open by preventing COVID outbreaks.