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Vaccine Booster Management

With the complexity of multiple boosters, managing the combination of physical and digital records, including exemptions, can be complicated to oversee. 

CLEARED4 is custom-built to handle additional boosters and the challenges they bring.  

Booster shots substantially decrease the risk of infection and severe illness, so workplaces that have more boosted employees will have fewer workplace exposures, less illness and less time lost from work. Booster shots make sure that the body re-starts producing antibodies to help protect it against infection. An additional primary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine provides a robust immune response and protects against COVID-19 illness, hospitalization, and death.


With waning vaccine effectiveness, organizations need to protect their people and their operations from disruption. CLEARED4 offers a range of ways to manage health status based on the defined safety rules and can be customized to meet your any booster requirements. 

Manage and Track Vaccine Boosters

CLEARED4's vaccine management solution helps automate the process and includes the following features:

✓  Configurable dosage and booster deadlines

✓  Ability to add grace periods for appropriate populations

✓  Handle exceptions where necessary

✓  Select specific FDA or WHO vaccine records to be accepted

Booster shot.jpg

Create Operational Compliance

✓  CLEARED4 can be integrated with the leading workforce management systems like WorkDay and PeopleSoft

✓  Existing data can be imported into the CLEARED4 tool to save time and resources.

✓  The CLEARED4 platform configures vaccination rules to reflect company policies to return to the workplace

Watch Now

Watch the video to see how our vaccine booster tracking tools can be configured and customized to any defined policies.

Booster Rules

Ensuring Safer Spaces
Around the World

CLEARED4 provides real-time, accurate, and actionable health data to manage vaccination status based on the health policies an organization defines. 

Interested in a demo of our solutions? Get in touch today!

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