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Now You Can Do Remote COVID-19 Testing Anywhere, Anytime.

CLEARED4’s remote, video calling testing, also known as a supervised pre-departure test, tracks COVID-19 test result authenticity/proof for reporting to authorities for international travel, organizational protocols, or company health requirements.

Live Video Proctored COVID-19 Testing

To comply policies that require proctored testing and to assist people with the COVID-19 testing process, CLEARED4 offers live, video proctoring for COVID-19 testing. It ensures test accuracy, tracks test authenticity/proof, and provides the flexibility to cost-effectively test small to large numbers of people. Organizations have the option to provide their own proctors using CLEARED4 technologies or CLEARED4 and its partners can provide test proctors.

How It Works:

Step 1:  Prep

  • Book appointment

  • Set up phone/laptop and prep for the test

  • Complete CARES act survey and preferences


Step 2:  Video Call

  • Show test kit and ID to proctor

  • Take the test and wait for results during video call

Step 3:  Results

  • Show test results to proctor
    for reporting

  • Receive proctored test results
    via PDF and online link


Why Use Video Calling?

From international travel requirements to health criteria required for “safe” entry to many companies, schools, venues, and other facilities, there are numerous use cases for proctors to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. To comply, the testing procedure must include a telehealth service provider that: 

  • Confirms one’s identity 

  • Observes the sample collection and testing procedures 

  • Guarantees the test results, and... 

  • Issues a report that includes the type of test, entity issuing the test result, sample collection date, information that identifies the person (name and other identifier like date of birth or passport number), and test result.

Watch video to learn more about Video Proctoring here.

How Can You Use CLEARED4’s Video Calling Service?

Organizations have three options for leveraging CLEARED4’s technology for video proctoring COVID-19 tests. 


  1. CLEARED4 can do it all for you. We can provide the COVID-19 test kits to people, provide the proctor, deliver the testing experience, and document the test results for state reporting and input the data into the CLEARED4 dynamic health verification platform.

  2. If you have the COVID-19 test kits, CLEARED4 can do the rest. CLEARED4 provides the proctor and the technology for resulting.

  3. Or, if you have the COVID-19 test kits and staff on site to proctor, CLEARED4 can provide the technology interface to enable video testing and resulting.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to take a COVID-19 test and chat with the test administrator.

How Video Proctored Testing Works for the User


Book Appointment


•  Users book an appointment for a video proctored test. 

•  Users can book within a few minutes or days in advance. 

•  Users can only make one reservation per day. 

•  Users can book another appointment after completing the test.


Receive Reminder


•  User receives a text or email reminder for the appointment. 

•  Users can use any type of device - phone, laptop, or tablet.


Prep for


•  Within 5 minutes of the test, the user takes a pre-test survey for state reporting requirements.

•  While waiting for the proctor to get ready, the user watches a short video that explains the video proctoring process. 

•  Users get their ID and test kit ready




•  Proctor joins the call and asks the user to show their ID and test kit for recording.

•  Proctor explains how to properly take the test. 

•  User takes the test under supervision of the proctor. 

•  Proctor and user wait 10-20 minutes for a test to generate results. 

•  User shows the test result to the proctor.  

•  Proctor documents the test result for reporting.




•  User receives the test result from proctor via email, pdf and online link, so the user can share their test results with others.

How Video Calling Testing Works for the Proctor




•  Proctor confirms identity of user matching government issued ID to user registration. 

•  Proctor watches the user collect the sample and ensures proper testing procedure is followed.

•  Proctor waits with the user then confirms the test result shared by user.


Record Test Data


•  Proctor issues a report that includes the type of test, entity issuing the test result, sample collection date, information that identifies the person, and test result.




•  Proctor uploads the test information into the CLEARED4 platform and shares the documented results with state authorities and the user.

•  If the test result is positive, a physician will contact the user with guidance for isolation (e.g., isolate for at least 5 days from the date symptoms start) or to seek medical assistance.

Traveling Abroad?

Need testing to get back into the US? The CLEARED4 remote video calling testing service can be used by travelers to meet the COVID-19 testing requirements to enter the United States. Take the COVID-19 test with you when you travel and complete it under video observation from wherever you are or use it for outbound travel to countries that accept rapid antigen tests for entry. Click here for more travel information.

Are you looking for a way to safely return to work or campus?

CLEARED4 offers a HIPAA compliant, remote video calling testing services that will help you get back to your normal routine quickly and safely. Let us help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your institution or office safe. Protect yourself, your coworkers, and your students with CLEARED4’s tested and reliable service. Learn how CLEARED4 provides safe operations through the prevention of COVID-19.


Video-Proctoring Makes it Easy to
Comply with Testing Mandates

CLEARED4's platform is used to solve the pandemic helping hundreds of organizations manage the complexity of government mandates, organization risks, and employee expectations on health and safety during the pandemic.

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