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World Back To Work


The Customer

El Camino College is a Southern California public community college with an enrollment of approximately 33,000 students each semester

The Partner

Founded in March 2020, World Back To Work (WBTW) is a full-service safety and solutions provider offering comprehensive services and an on-staff team of medical, epidemiology, labs, and COVID compliance experts to support businesses and organizations with their safety goals. Working with top companies and entertainment venues, WBTW has helped to protect employees and audiences across the United States, and the CLEARED4 all-in-one platform has played a pivotal role in their mission to return the world to work safely.

The Challenge

By July 2021, the college campus had been closed for over one year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eager to resume in-person classes, the college needed a way to safely welcome students back on campus and prevent any major outbreaks of infection, but their human resources department was outmatched. They did not have the bandwidth to take on the additional responsibility of conducting daily temperature checks and testing, manually processing health data, handling contact tracing, and communicating time-sensitive and private health information to students, faculty, and staff.

The Solution

WBTW offered the college the support necessary to reopen the right way with a turnkey suite of tier-based services tailored to fit their individual needs. In addition to supplying staffing for on-campus entry screening, WBTW partnered with CLEARED4 to power on-campus health survey kiosks. 


With its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and secure all-in-one platform, CLEARED4 is able to efficiently collect and disseminate student, faculty, and staff health data through a fully automated, daily health survey.

The customized application:

  • Collects and uploads information related to COVID-19

  • Evaluates the potential for exposure

  • Communicates information to selected segments of the campus population in minutes

  • Implements a best practice protocol as needed

  • Ensures all campus visitors can safely partake in in-person activities

  • Securely stores all compliance documentation in one place

“World Back To Work is a one-stop shop for safety and solutions, but our work would not be possible without the right technology to manage large volumes of health data. Not only has CLEARED4 provided an easy-to-use software solution for collecting daily health information, but it also serves as a fantastic communications platform. It’s not enough to simply reopen a business or venue safely. We need a way to keep everyone safe after the reopening, as well. CLEARED4 has enabled us to achieve that and more. The software is user-friendly, efficient, and customizable, which enables our clients to effortlessly maintain compliance with ever-changing state mandates like the new Cal/OSHA regulations.”

Oliver Vilches  |  Software Manager | WBTW


The Benefits

To date, the college has conducted over 45,000 COVID tests on campus and uploaded the resulting health data to the CLEARED4 platform. They continue to use the platform to safely and securely communicate time-sensitive information to selected segments of the campus population as needed. Since implementing the CLEARED4 software, the college has successfully maintained all in-person instruction and athletic events, even after removing their on-campus COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements. They have not experienced any widespread outbreaks of the virus.

What’s Next

Using the CLEARED4 platform, the college has up-to-date, reliable data at all times and is able to pivot compliance protocols quickly, even as local COVID-19 regulations evolve. From the pandemic to the endemic, they will continue to protect their population from the ongoing risk of COVID-19 and beyond. In addition, WBTW has observed that many organizations recognize the continued need to remain vigilant in managing important health data. Case in point: The new Cal/OSHA regulations stipulate that employers must maintain records of COVID-19 cases for the next three years. CLEARED4 not only enables the college to continue to protect the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff, but it also allows them to easily maintain compliance with state regulations.

Customer Success Stories

Let us show you what CLEARED4 can do for your company by checking out our customers success stories.


The American Cancer Society required a platform that was simple enough to ensure a high rate of attendee and staff adoption, CLEARED4 provided a solution to provide safe access.

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CLEARED4 replaced manual efforts with a fully automated, customized all-in-one platform to ensure safe reopening of operations in three different workplace locations.

students on campus.png

CLEARED4 aided the Harper College COVID response team in granting safe access, producing management reports and ensuring adherence to COVID policies and best practices.

fintech office workers sq.png

CLEARED4 ensured a financial services firm had up-to-date data to adjust their compliance protocols.

Utilizing the daily health survey, the client was able to gather important insights into the health and safety of their employees. The dynamic group messaging feature allowed for efficient communication within teams. Read more about how CLEARED4 helped them protect their employees from COVID-19.

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