Contact Tracing

The value of stopping one COVID-19 case from turning into 100 is significant. Speed is critical. CLEARED4’s contact tracing tool enables organizations to immediately identify, communicate with, and restrict entry access for potentially exposed individuals. Learn more about how contact tracing can work for your organization.

Contact Tracing prevents facility shutdowns and lost productivity.

  How does CLEARED4's Contact Tracing work?

  • The CLEARED4 platform runs itself - unless there is an exception. At which moment, real-time automated communication is triggered to the admin and the users.

  • Tagging allows organizations to create user groups based on proximity to one another, work teams, meeting cadence, work schedule, etc. This speeds the ability to identify those who may have had contact with an exposed individual.

  • Check-in/out data is time-stamped and geo-located. When coupled with tagging, admins can immediately deploy targeted communication and response plans to prevent mini-outbreaks.

  • Filters allow instant identification of non-responsive users and contact method errors - helping admins ensure that the people who need to be contacted received and acted upon direction.

  • CLEARED4 can also integrate with RF signal technology used by the roaming/mobile workforce for even more pinpointed data around potential exposures.


Contact Trace Reporting

CLEARED4 has a privacy-compliant administrator dashboard that offers templated or customized reports for internal or external documentation requirements.





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