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Health Tracking and Contact Tracing Tools: Keep People Safe. Identify Contacts Faster.
Prevent Transmission with CLEARED4.

CLEARED4’s Contact Tracing tool enables organizations to immediately identify, 
automate communications, and restrict access for exposed individuals. 

WHY is contact tracing more important than it used to be?

  1. BA.5 is more contagious and evades the protection from vaccines and previous infection

  2. 60% of asymptomatic people are carrying the virus but don’t feel sick or display symptoms

  3. Mask wearing is down with only recommendations to mask while traveling

CLEARED4’s Contact Tracing tool is designed to help organizations efficiently manage their populations by identifying and contacting those exposed and detecting high transmission areas. With the communication dashboard, you can easily identify the movement of people within facilities and contact data confirmation.

How Does CLEARED4 Contact Tracing Work?
Look at the process flow stages that take place

CT flowchart-lisa-highres.png

The CLEARED4 contact tracing toolset is designed to follow best practices from the CDC. This includes the ability to exclude vaccinated people from the contact tracing process, and reduces your workload and your universe of potential contacts.

  • Tagging allows organizations to create user groups based on proximity to one another, work teams, meeting cadence, and work schedules, speeding up the ability to identify those who may have had contact with an exposed individual. Tags can be created in the CLEARED4 platform or pulled from existing HRIS or dual control systems.

  • The CLEARED4 platform runs itself - unless there is an exception. At this moment, real-time automated communication is triggered between the admin and the users.

  • Create specific quarantine rules of who has been exposed to a contagious individual to quarantine and how long to quarantine them.

  • Clients can also outsource
    all administration to our managed services team as
    part of our total safety
    product platform. 


Check-in/out data is time-stamped and geo-located. When coupled with tagging, admins can immediately deploy targeted communication and response plans to prevent mini-outbreaks.


Filters allow instant identification of non-responsive users and contact method errors - helping admins ensure that the people who need to be contacted receive and acted upon direction.

CLEARED4 can also integrate with RF signal technology used by the roaming/mobile workforce for even more pinpointed data around potential exposures.

event spreader.png

Contact Tracing doesn’t end there.
CLEARED4’s Managed Services provides testing options: PCR, Antigen, or Molecular for re-entry.

CLEARED4 offers a managed service solution for businesses that want to outsource their contact tracing. Our team of trained professionals can handle all aspects of the contact tracing process, from making initial contact with exposed individuals to providing support and resources. We also have a robust system in place for tracking and reporting data, ensuring that businesses can stay compliant with health and safety regulations.

contact trace.jpg

Powerful Platform + Professional Services + Best Practice Insights  


“Contact tracing is a key tool in our fight against the spread of COVID-19. By quickly identifying and isolating students who have been exposed to the virus, we can help prevent further transmission.”

Lisa Lopez  |  Information Technology Department  |  Santa Barbara City College


Contact Tracing:

Track individuals globally with real-time monitoring.
Enterprise scalable contact tracing allows organizations to adjust contact tracing rules and policies by zone, region, location, country, or workforce.

CLEARED4 Offers Powerful Healthcare Risk Management Software

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Healthcare facilities have a vital need for effective risk management solutions, and CLEARED4 offers a powerful software solution that can help. With our healthcare risk management software, you can quickly and easily contact trace with our pre-built check-in and check-out scanning technology.

contact trace.jpg

With our pre-built check-in and check-out scanning technology, you can quickly and easily contact trace any individual who has been in your facility. Or, if you have an existing healthcare contact management system, we can import your healthcare contact management system from other door access control systems.


Either way, our software provides a quick and easy way to track and manage contacts, helping to keep your facility safe. In addition, our software offers a range of other features that can help to improve safety and security in healthcare facilities, including visitor management, asset tracking, and much more. So if you're looking for a comprehensive Healthcare Risk Management solution, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your facility from COVID-19.

CLEARED4 helps organizations manage and mitigate the impact of critical events while ensuring safe entries.

Request more info or schedule a demo today.

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