Contact Tracing

CLEARED4's contact tracing module is an incredibly powerful and accurate tool that saves an average of 2-3 hours* of manual contact tracing time per exposure.

* Based on actual client use cases

Our Goals

Given CLEARED4's three goals of 100% adoption (of platform by users), 100% compliance (with CDC, FDA, state health agency recommendations) and 100% automation, what would be an onerous administrative task, is completed in just a few clicks.


  • Tagging feature allows creation of subsets of user proximity to match to your organizations layout

  • Check in/out data from kiosks is automatically used, time-stamped and geo-located

  • Filters allow instant identification of non-responsive users and contact method errors

  • Symptom checker allows pinpoint accuracy of date of exposure and possible spread within an organization

  • Optional addition of even more detailed exposure for roaming/mobile workforce based on RF signal technology


  • The combination of tagging and check in features creates extremely accurate and easy tracking and documentation of onset of illness and possible exposures 

  • With the guidance of CLEARED4's experienced and accessible team, set up is short and painless

  • Communicating and quarantining may prevent mini-outbreaks, facility shutdowns and lost productivity

Contact Tracing Reporting

Reports for internal use and for local and state requirements may be generated by the click of a button. Those exposed may be instantly quarantined and notified as HR administrators are pinged in real time.





Learn how CLEARED4 helped MISONIX a best-in-class ultrasonic medical devices company reopen their facilities from the C-suite down to warehouse workers safely.