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Creating Safer Places for Workers and Guests

Clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention of COVID-19

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Re-Opening Hotels For Guests Safely 

As the world cautiously opens up, it is crucial for visitors to have safe and healthy places to stay when not at their homes. Hospitality workers account for 1 in 25 workers in the US and are a vital part of the global economy.

How CLEARED Can Help

As businesses start executing re-opening plans, the administrative burden of new mandated CDC and State guidelines can be overwhelming.  The CLEARED solution helps to ensure Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring compliance, automates Contact Trace Reporting and provides Strict Access Control to keep workplaces safe.

Adhere to CDC and State guidelines on Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring and Contact Tracing for employees, members and visitors. All in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant system.
Easy to use for management and admin teams. Save 99% of the time taken to manually document and report on possible health outbreaks.
 Quickly customize the platform messaging to match your return-to-work protocols with a simple self-service interface and tools.
Proven ROI
Reduces the additional administrative burden of tracking and reporting outbreaks. Flexible pricing, only paying for active members and staff visiting your space.

Pricing & Plan Options

Plans are available for small, medium and large scale businesses. Pricing starts at $6 per month per employee with unlimited messaging.

Pro Plan


Set-up Fee: N/A

Platform Fee$350 p/m

Included Admins: 5

Additional Admins: $50 p/m

Included Employees: 10

Additional Employees: $3 p/m

(excluding messaging costs)

Contract Length:

Month to Month

Corporate Plan


Set-up Fee: N/A

Platform Fee$1,500 p/m

Included Admins: 10

Additional Admins: $50 p/m

Included Employees: 100

Additional Employees: $2 p/m

(excluding messaging costs)

Contract Length:

3 Months+

Enterprise Plan


Set-up Fee: TBD

Platform Fee Custom

Included Admins: Unlimited

Included Employees: 1000

Additional Employees: $1 p/m (excluding messaging costs)



Contract Length:

12 Months+

Our Clients and Partners

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Furnished Quarters


Learn how CLEARED helped Technological Furnished Quarters with locations in over 800 cities worldwide reopen safely and efficiently.

From Our Customers

The C4W health platform is a comprehensive, yet east-to-use solution that enables us to provide our staff and students with a fast and reliable way to screen for COVID-19. The resulting time savings and operational efficiencies provide a clear ROI while helping us to adhere to State mandated guidelines.


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