Creating Safer Places for Workers, Vendors, and Visitors

Clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention of COVID-19.

Protect Your Companies’ Health and Reputation by Keeping Your Workers, Vendors, and Visitors Safe.

We offer a real-time and fully integratable solution that is truly scalable, easy to use, and without the need for expensive hardware. A middleware strategy with immediate implementation into existing apps or API!

Let the HIPAA-compliant CLEARED4 platform become a part of your back-to-work strategy so you can monitor, test, attest, vaccinate, validate, verify, contract trace and even create physical access plans and State compliance reporting.


Protect against the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable infectious diseases with CLEARED4's customizable solutions for the hospitality industry.

Ensure maximum safety for guests and staff with our end-to-end health solution.


CLEARED4 is the only health and safety solution you need to ensure operational readiness.

CLEARED4 is the only health and safety solution you need to ensure operational readiness. We offer clients flexible ways to augment their staff with our self-service platform or as a full-service solution leveraging our experienced health and safety teams. 

You can trust us to keep your team safe. With CLEARED4, you’ll have everything you need to maintain compliance with government regulations and protect your employees.


Make sure your business is prepared for anything – sign up for a free trial of CLEARED4 today!

Flexible Ways to Work with CLEARED4

Clients can use CLEARED4 as a self-service platform augmented by their own staff, or as a full-service solution leveraging our experienced health and safety teams.

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Tired of managing multiple vendors for your health and safety solutions?
Reach out to today to learn how your organization can be prepared for more than just COVID-19.

CLEARED4 Is the Most Comprehensive, Easy to Use and Customizable Solution in the Industry.

The CLEARED4 platform offers a personalized and convenient solution to match your current demands while growing with your future needs. The CLEARED4 solution helps to ensure COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring compliance, automates Contact Trace Reporting and provides Strict Access Control to keep workplaces safe.

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Adhere to CDC and State guidelines on COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Contact Tracing for employees and visitors. All in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant system.


Easy to use for employees and visitors. Save 99% of the time taken to manually document and report on possible health outbreaks

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 Quickly customize the platform messaging to match your return-to-work protocols with a simple self-service interface and tools

Proven ROI

Reduces the additional administrative burden of tracking and reporting outbreaks.  Flexible pricing to suit your business needs.

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Misonix an ultrasonic medical devices company wanted to open up all their facilities to all employees from C-suite to warehouse workers. See how CLEARED4 helped them do it.

Featured Clients and Partners

 CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce and visitors. A partial list of CLEARED4’s clients across North America, Europe, and Asia includes corporations like Coinbase, Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, American Cancer Society, law firms, hedge funds, and building operations.



Blended Family Productions, LLC


Read how one of the first film production companies to restart shooting safely during COVID-19 by tracking everyone’s health status, getting alerted immediately of any staff irregularities and yet not expending a great deal of time and resources on following up on staff and extensive documentation.

What People Say About Us

 "Our goal is to ensure maximum safety for our staff and guests. We believe that the comprehensive and flexible solutions offered by CLEARED4 will provide our organization with immediate tangible benefits."

Doug Behar | SVP of Stadium Operations

New York Yankees


Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS)


Learn how CLEARED4 helped Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS) based in New York, NY reopen safely and efficiently.

CLEARED4 is a global, health data platform that makes managing health-related safety easy and cost-effective.