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CLEARED4 Supports Organization’s Return-to-Work Initiatives

CLEARED4 is your secure command center to help your hybrid workforce ensure safe work spaces and corporate events.

On 2/3/2023, Cal/OSHA approved new regulations to manage COVID-19 exposures - enforceable for the next 2 years.

CLEARED4 can walk you through the new regulations and provide a step-by-step action plan for everything you need to do to make sure you are compliant with the new Cal/OSHA COVID regulations.

The pandemic has dramatically impacted the role of HR. We are here to help.

CLEARED4 understands the challenges HR professionals face in today's return-to-work environment. With the ever-changing landscape of compliance and the need for vaccination verification and testing, our platform has been designed to take the burden off of the HR professional.

CLEARED4 has a unique approach connecting end-user health and safety data to organizations in a secure and real-time manner.

Triangle Art.png

CLEARED4 seamlessly connects end-users to their health information and matches this to the organization's compliance rules in real-time.

We know your pain points.
We have 2500 admins and over 3M+ members
using our platform.

The scenarios below illustrate some of the most common situations HR managers and employees face with regard to ensuring safe spaces and safe events when returning to work.

Ensuring my new and existing employees can easily submit their vaccine and 
testing records to be compliant with our health and safety playbook

“Being able to use managed services to augment our internal teams' bandwidth during a COVID wave or 365 days a year”

“Integrating with our HRIS system ensuring real-time continuity with easy to use dashboards and reporting options”

“Helping my remote and hybrid employees stay compliant when they come to our corporate events and office locations”

“Offering flexible testing options to ensure our office and events are safe with the ability to automate contact tracing for any exposed individuals”

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that solves every health compliance challenge.

CLEARED4 helps you see the big picture, understand your organization's health data, and take steps to provide safe access to reopen business, stay open and productive.

CLEARED4's operating system is essential for a rapidly changing healthcare landscape for infectious disease management. We have worked with organizations across multiple industries to solve their unique equation for:

Health and Safety Compliance = Access.

Read more about CLEARED4’s new Full-Service Managed Services Solution. Read more about our flexible options. 

Learn how CLEARED4's dynamic global platform can future-proof your organization with our real-time, cloud-based health IT platform.


Download CLEARED4’s Human Resources Checklist

The CLEARED4 human resources checklist helps identify risks and other factors that may affect your organization as well as understand mitigation options for health and safety.

Enter your email and click submit.​


CLEARED4 seamlessly integrates with your HRIS system with popular business software applications to manage risk, minimize operational disruption, and maintain business continuity, leading to a healthier, safer workforce.


With CLEARED4, you’ll experience:

  • Cloud-based, mobile-ready:  Submit testing status from any device

  • Workflow automation:  Assign and approve tasks, receive alerts and notifications

  • Robust reporting:  Collect key insights on vaccination status and test results

  • Security and privacy:  Ensure maximum privacy with secure management of health records

  • HRIS integration:  Connects to an existing HR system to have current records of employees

  • Quick implementation:  Platform can be deployed quickly to meet business demands.

Integrating with your existing software, CLEARED4’s all-in-one, health and safety operating system provides operational readiness for both short- and long-term plans for continuous health monitoring.

CLEARED4’s Health Compliance = Access


Users: The CLEARED4 platform is easy to use for employees:

  • Any device

  • No app is required

  • Seamless experience

Administrators: The CLEARED4 health and safety command center is easy for admins to use:

  • Intuitive HIPAA compliant dashboard 

  • Automated notifications, reminders, and alerts 

  • Real-time communications & reporting

CLEARED4’s Real-Time Tools for Risk Mitigation

C4-Homepage Icons_Vaccine Validation.png

Vaccine Booster Management

  • Confirm vaccination
    status in real-time

  • Individual identity verified

  • Immunity expiration countdown when vaccine boosters are needed

C4-Homepage Icons_Covid Testing.png

Testing and Tracking

  • Global Video Proctoring services for authentic test results

  • Securely upload test results in our HIPAA compliant platform

  • Test Kits - You can set up a program to buy in bulk and provide kits to your employees


Health Surveys

  • No app required, no passwords to forget, and works on any device

  • Daily 5-second surveys are customizable

  • Customize screenings to meet your organization’s needs

building access icon GRN.png

Building Access Controls

  • Automated building access to enforce entry policies 

  • Runs on tablets, kiosks, devices

  • Integrates with access control systems via APIs

C4-Homepage Icons_Contact Tracing.png

Contact Tracing

  • Automated and immediate notification of potential exposure

  • Cross-reference vaccination status, testing status, contact tracing, and more

  • Helps prevent outbreaks, facility shutdowns, and lost productivity


HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

  • Color-coded management of  COVID-19 health and safety 

  • Integrated tools to manage quarantine or testing protocols, exposures, and access

  • Customizable for each workplace

CLEARED4 delivers all kinds of tests - on-site or at home.
We can help you figure out what your organization needs.
Learn More About Testing Options

Learn how CLEARED4’s Command Center helps HR professionals gain data-driven insights to make more informed decisions with your health and safety playbook.

  1. Pick Your Data Inputs:
    ​Our platform allows you to pick any health data input in any combination including daily attestations, COVID testing, health surveys, or vaccination status.

  2. Create Flexible Rules:
    We know your playbooks are changing regularly.  You can match your data inputs with a dynamic rules engine that lets you make changes as often as you want and for different groups of people.

  3. Connect Access Control:
    You can match compliance rules to the inputs to different forms of access control like mobile passes, door control, or your security guard view. 

it’s secure     |     it’s compliant     |     it’s easy to use     |     it’s quick to deploy


CLEARED4 is just so easy to use - and we appreciate the excellent customer service and response times.

Sandra Tsuruda  |  Aflac Events & Travel

Featured Global Clients and Partners

 CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce and visitors. A partial list of CLEARED4’s corporate clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Austrailia include corporations like Coinbase, Sun Chemical, American Cancer Society, Merative, Amadeus, Middlesex Savings Bank, and many more.


How can I work with CLEARED4? Choose which approach is best for you.

From self-service to full service, CLEARED4 offers flexible ways to augment your staff leveraging our experienced health and safety teams.


Use Our
Application Programming 
Interface (APIs)

  • HR System

  • Building Access


  • Labs

  • Visitor Systems


Compliance Officer

  • Develop & Maintain Playbook

  • Compliance

  • Best Practices

  • Protocols



  • Implement Playbook

  • Assist in Setup & Configuration

  • Daily Management




  • Education

  • Contact Tracing

  • Engage and Communicate with Stakeholders

CLEARED4 Helps You Easily Connect
and Communicate with Your Employees.

We provide a variety of features that make it easier for you to manage your team, so you can focus on what’s essential - maintaining business continuity for a healthier and safer workforce.


Allows your employees real-time access to their test results.

No Application
to Download

Employees can register on ANY device, phone, tablet, or computer in a few seconds—seamless and easy-to-use employee registration. There is no app to download.


Enable employers to order

tests to their homes or offices.

Video Proctoring (Telemedicine)

Provides 24x7 at-home testing support using CLEARED4’s video proctoring tools.


Integrated, real-time reporting, so

you don’t have to.

Rapid Deployment

Be live in days not months with our

all-in-one health and safety platform.

Secure Employee

The employee portal is a secure hub for your employee's health information. With this portal, they can book appointments, order tests, get results, and more.

Secure Dashboards
for Your Team

Our platform is fully HIPAA compliant. The aggregated dashboard gives you a clear picture of individual testing results and their overall testing program's performance.


Supporting millions of organizations, our

operating system can scale to your



CLEARED4 Is the Most Comprehensive, Easy to Use and Customizable Solution in the Industry.

The CLEARED4 platform offers a personalized and convenient solution to match your current demands while growing with your future needs. The CLEARED4 solution helps to ensure COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring compliance, automates Contact Trace Reporting and provides Strict Access Control to keep workplaces safe.

C4_Education_Icons__Compliant Green.png


Adhere to CDC and State guidelines on COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Contact Tracing for employees and visitors. All in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant system.


Easy to use for employees and visitors. Save 99% of the time taken to manually document and report on possible health outbreaks

C4_Education_Icons__Customize Green.png


 Quickly customize the platform messaging to match your return-to-work protocols with a simple self-service interface and tools

Proven ROI

Reduces the additional administrative burden of tracking and reporting outbreaks.  Flexible pricing to suit your business needs.


Legends Hospitality for AT&T Stadium


Learn how CLEARED4 helped Legends a premium experiences company specializing in delivering solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues reopen safely and efficiently.

Read how The Inspired Home Show required exhibitors and personnel to demonstrate proof of a negative COVID-19 test in the previous 72 hours related to the set-up and tear-down of the event including a solution to address the international attendees.



The Inspired Home Show


Contact us to learn how CLEARED4’s health and safety command center helps HR professionals make more informed compliance decisions.

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