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Reopening Retail Business: The Foundation of the Economy

Clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention of COVID-19

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The Importance of Reopening Shops

Retail has been one of the hardest hit businesses during the Covid-19 health crisis.  These communal spaces provide much-needed goods and services that are urgently needed by the entire population and is the nation's largest private sector employer. 

How CLEARED4® Can Help

As businesses start executing re-opening plans, the administrative burden of new mandated CDC and State guidelines can be overwhelming.  The Cleared4Work solution helps to ensure Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring compliance, automates Contact Trace Reporting and provides Strict Access Control to keep workplaces safe.

Adhere to CDC and State guidelines on Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring and Contact Tracing for employees, members and visitors. All in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant system.
Easy to use for management and admin teams. Save 99% of the time taken to manually document and report on possible health outbreaks.
 Quickly customize the platform messaging to match your return-to-work protocols with a simple self-service interface and tools.
Proven ROI
Reduces the additional administrative burden of tracking and reporting outbreaks. Flexible pricing, only paying for active members and staff visiting your space.



Set-up Fee: N/A

Platform Fee$350 p/m

Included Admins: 5

Additional Admins: $50 p/m

Included Employees10

Additional Employees: $3 p/m

(excluding messaging costs)

Contract Length:

Month to Month


Set-up Fee:  N/A

Platform Fee$1,500 p/m

Included Admins: 10

Additional Admins: $50 p/m

Included Employees: 100

Additional Employees: $2 p/m

(excluding messaging costs)

Contract Length:

3 Months+


Set-up Fee: TBD

Platform Fee: $10,000 p/m

Included Admins: Unlimited

Included Employees: 1000

Additional Employees: $1 p/m (excluding messaging costs)



Contract Length:

12 Months+

Our Clients and Partners

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See how a luxury Fifth Avenue retailer opened for business in a busy shopping district safely and in compliance with

federal and local laws and regulations. WEMPE also wanted to track and record daily temperature readings, a potential documentation boondoggle!

Click here to see how they did it!

From Our Customers

With employees split into 4 separate teams over two locations, we felt it was essential to keep track of questionnaires digitally, rather than manually with pen and paper. The aim was to have a perfectly well-kept log and for us to be able to intervene immediately, in case anyone was showing symptoms. I want to protect the health of our employees and customers as well as insure that the stores remain operational at all times. CLEARED4® has proven to be the perfect solution.

Ruediger Albers,

President, Wempe