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CLEARED4 is the Standard
for School Health and Safety

CLEARED4’s operating system is designed to help school administrators execute best practice protocols to ensure the health and safety of everyone on campus.

Top-class schools continue doing what they know will best protect students, faculty, and communities.

As education leaders navigate the complexity of moving away from mandates to setting a new standard in campus health and safety, CLEARED4 understands the return on investment of sound safety practices is both socially responsible and financially beneficial.

We have 2500 admins and over 2.5M members using our platform.

The scenarios below illustrate some of the most common situations education administrators come across when trying to ensure safe spaces on campus.

CLEARED4 seamlessly connects health data in one, easy-to-use solution

The City University of New York (CUNY), a large university with over 25 campuses and administrative sites located around the city, chose CLEARED4 to safely bring and keep people on campus with a solution that allows them to be better prepared for future infections.

Find out more - watch the video.

Watch how the largest urban U.S. university in America,
managed vaccine data for over 500,000 users

Offering flexible testing options to ensure our office and events are safe with the ability to automate contact tracing for any exposed individuals.

Can quickly communicate to staff and students for last-minute health and safety changes in real-time.

Optional access to on-site staff to help manage any health compliance process updates.

Being able to update vaccine records and issue entry passes to students automatically.

Ensure our campus is safe with the ability to automate contact tracing for any exposed individuals.

Need an easy way to collect accurate vaccine information to ensure the vaccination data is valid and current.

School Health and Safety Have Strong ROI . . .

That is why CLEARED4 offers a real-time health and safety platform to manage risk, minimize operational disruption, and maintain operational continuity, leading to a healthier, safer environment.


CLEARED4 provides:

  • Cloud-based, mobile-ready:  Submit testing status from any device

  • Workflow automation:  Assign and approve tasks, receive alerts and notifications

  • Robust reporting:  Collect key insights on vaccination status and test results

  • Security and privacy:  Ensure maximum privacy with secure management of health records

  • HRIS integration:  Connects to an existing HR system to have current records of individuals

  • Quick implementation:  Platform can be deployed quickly to meet business demands.

CLEARED4’s Health Compliance = Access

Users: The CLEARED4 platform is easy to use for students:

  • Any device

  • No app is required

  • Seamless experience


Administrators: The CLEARED4 health and safety command center is easy for admins to use:

  • Intuitive HIPAA-compliant dashboard 

  • Automated notifications, reminders, and alerts 

  • Real-time communications and reporting


It was critical for us to safely offer in-person instruction at LIM College. Our true partnership with Applied DNA and CLEARED4 enabled us to stay open while schools around us were frequently closed due to COVID outbreaks.

Christopher Barto  |  Vice President  |  LIM College

Featured Colleges & Universities

CLEARED4’s best-in-class platform is the market leader for the education industry - used by over 100 schools and growing nationwide. Organizations like City College of New York, LIM College, and El Camino.


Download CLEARED4’s Education 
Planning Checklist

The CLEARED4 education checklist helps identify risks and other factors that may affect your campus as well as understand mitigation options for health and safety.

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CLEARED4’s Real-Time Tools for Risk Mitigation

C4-Homepage Icons_Vaccine Validation.png

Vaccine Booster Management

  • Confirm vaccination
    status in real-time

  • Individual identity verified

  • Immunity expiration countdown when vaccine boosters are needed

C4-Homepage Icons_Covid Testing.png

Testing and Tracking

  • Global Video Proctoring services for authentic test results

  • Securely upload test results in our HIPAA compliant platform

  • Test Kits - You can set up a program to buy in bulk and provide kits to your employees


Health Surveys

  • No app required, no passwords to forget, and works on any device

  • Daily 5-second surveys are customizable

  • Customize screenings to meet your organization’s needs

building access icon GRN.png

Building Access Controls

  • Automated building access to enforce entry policies 

  • Runs on tablets, kiosks, devices

  • Integrates with access control systems via APIs

C4-Homepage Icons_Contact Tracing.png

Contact Tracing

  • Automated and immediate notification of potential exposure

  • Cross-reference vaccination status, testing status, contact tracing, and more

  • Helps prevent outbreaks, facility shutdowns, and lost productivity


HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

  • Color-coded management of  COVID-19 health and safety <