Event Health Management is our Specialty

Successfully returning to in-person events, corporate retreats, fundraising efforts, and incentive travel is a priority for driving the world economy and returning to our livelihoods and way of life.

Future-Proof Your Event

No one can predict when the next COVID-19 variant will hit somewhere in the world. Remove the uncertainty of disrupting your in-person event, meeting, industry show, etc. by putting best practice protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of global attendees. CLEARED4 is making it possible for people to get back to in-person events, safely and confidently. We are a global, real-time COVID-19 and health risk management platform. We have millions of daily users, are used by hundreds of organizations around the world, and have powered over 100 million safe entries.  


CLEARED4 is focused on future-proofing domestic & international organizations against COVID complexity

We are helping global enterprises regain normalcy via hosting safe and healthy meetings and events.

​CLEARED4 COVID-19 Safety Modules

✓  Customizable: We can quickly adapt to each client use case and pain point 

✓  Privacy compliant: We comply with global privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, FEFRA) 

✓  Fast: Our automated solutions operate in real time, be up and running in days

✓  Frictionless: We can integrate with any IT system (HR, building/venue access, etc.) and can operate on any device - no app to download, no passwords to remember

✓  Proven: With over 2 million active users worldwide, we are preventing outbreaks/business disruption, maintaining operational continuity and productivity

Flexible Ways to Work with CLEARED4

CLEARED4 is the only health and safety solution you need to ensure operational readiness. We offer clients flexible ways to augment their staff with our self-service platform or as a full-service solution leveraging our experienced health and safety teams. 

You can trust us to keep your team safe. With CLEARED4, you’ll have everything you need to maintain compliance with government regulations and protect your employees.


Make sure your business is prepared for anything – sign up for a free trial of CLEARED4 today!

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Tired of managing multiple vendors for your health and safety solutions?
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Four Easy Steps to Safe Events





  • Pre-load (CSV/API)

  • Self-register (user clicks link or scans code)



User Uploads


  • Government issued ID

  • Test result (option to test on-site)

  • Vaccination card or
    QR code

  • Health survey (optional)



CLEARED4 Validates

  • Verify ID/records

  • Match records to requirements for entry



CLEARED4 Provides Access Pass

  • User shows pass or connects to ticket upon arrival

For attendees who do not upload required information, CLEARED4 sends reminders.

Optional manual check-in for people who do not register in advance.  Attendees can upload, get validation for records and access in real-time via CLEARED4. Criteria for safe entry can be customized per event. 

Let us help you ensure health and safety at your event.  

CLEARED4 is helping international trade shows and industry organizations get back to business. A critical step is to manage event health and safety by using a platform that can accommodate health data from international exhibitors, participants and workers and that follows privacy requirements from global regulators (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR).

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Trade & Industry Shows


Fundraising Events

Black-tie fundraising events are the lifeblood of many non-profit organizations. A critical requirement for attendees is health and safety. This is especially true of an organization whose mission is to preserve health. CLEARED4 has been successfully enabling the American Cancer Society to safely execute fundraising efforts for almost a year. These events generate the funds for lifesaving research and critical support for cancer patients.


Aflac is a Fortune 500 company, providing supplemental insurance and financial protection to more than 50 million people worldwide. Aflac’s independent insurance agents provide consultative services and work with clients to develop and sell the right coverage plans. They are independent business owners themselves, and incentive travel from Aflac is a primary sales motivator and often an important part of their compensation. 

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Incentive Travel Events

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Venues for
Entertainment & Sports

Live music, entertainment and sports events are the economic driver for many venues/stadiums and artists/athletes. CLEARED4 and it’s testing partner, KOACORE, has helped over 2.5 million fans to safely attend Live Nation sponsored concerts and events, like ColdPlay, Adele, Elton John and Maroon5, since mid 2021.

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CLEARED4 and it’s partners Co-Protect and KOACORE, are helping Workday, an American on‑demand financial management and human capital management software vendor, safely execute multi-day retreat for corporate leadership and other internal events. Co-Protect/KOACORE are implementing a best practice COVID testing regimen for participants. They will be tested prior to arriving, during the event and after. All of the test data will be managed in the CLEARED4 HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Corporate Leadership Retreats


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We have millions of daily users, are used by hundreds of organizations around the world, and have powered over 100 million safe entries. Get a demo TODAY and be up and running with a FREE trial by tomorrow!


Outdoor Events & Festivals

Live music and sports events are the economic drivers for many venues and stadiums. Over the past 12 months, CLEARED4 and its partner, World Back to Work have been bringing major festivals back to life safely during this pandemic. Festivals including AEG Golden Voice, Insomniac, Life is Beautiful and Outside Lands all leveraged the CLEARED4 platform to ensure thousands of guests were participating safely.


Featured Clients and Partners

CLEARED4 is helping the world reopen, stay open, and remain productive powering more than 100 million safe entries, using a real-time COVID and health risk management platform. CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce, students, visitors and fans. A partial list of CLEARED4 clients in the U.S. include corporations like Sun Chemical, Middlesex Savings Bank, law firms, hedge funds, retail shops, and venues like Yankee Stadium, SoFI Stadium, and AT&T Stadium.

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What People Say About Us

 "Our goal is to ensure maximum safety for our staff and guests. We believe that the comprehensive and flexible solutions offered by CLEARED4 will provide our organization with immediate tangible benefits."

Doug Behar | SVP of Stadium Operations

New York Yankees