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Stay up to date with the complexities of managing safe events and spaces.

Health Risk Management. An Essential Component of Every Event.

Future-proof your next local, national,
or global event with CLEARED4. 

CLEARED4’s health risk management platform provides real-time, actionable health data for continuous monitoring, people management, and process compliance. Our infrastructure has been deployed across multiple continents, serving millions of users, in dozens of languages, by issuing over 100 million safe entries, regardless of industry or size.

The safer way to do events.

CLEARED4 is the only solution that provides a combination of health surveys, remote and on-site testing, vaccine verification, real-time messaging, and contact tracing - all in one place. We help put best practice protocols in place so that your event runs smoothly. Our secure platform offers data protection and customizable privacy options in coordination with your compliance needs.

We never use or sell your personal information.

  • Flexible User Registration

  • Upload Health Credentials

  • Credential Validation
    and Health Pass
    Based on Logic*


  • Dashboard Tracking Activity

  • Messaging and Alerts

  • Video Proctoring*

  • Auto Fulfillment of Tests and PPE*

    * Optional component

  • Test people before they go to the event

  • Develop a rules playbook for your event

  • Create access passes in real-time



  • Show or Scan Health Pass

  • Day of Health Survey / Attestation*

  • On-Site Testing During Event*

  • Real-time Dashboard Monitoring

  • Connect to Ticketing / Access Control*

  • On-site Staffing* (general support or testing)

    * Optional component

  • Collect health surveys and scan passes

  • Grant or deny access based on status

  • Delivers real-time health data avoiding outbreaks



  • Compliance Reporting

  • Post-Event Custom Health and Satisfaction Survey*

  • Post Event Testing (3 Days after)

  • Contact Tracing Module*

    * Optional component

  • Customize and send notifications

  • Provides contact tracing for any exposures

  • Generate custom event analysis and reporting




Dramatically reduce health and safety overhead at your next event with CLEARED4’s powerful admin tools within the Communications Command Center.

CLEARED4 is the global leader in events for COVID test and vaccine management. Ensure safe attendance with automated messaging, dynamic rules engines, integrated access control and real-time dashboards to prevent outbreaks.

Key benefits from a global technology event: 

Verified 95% of attendees’ self-test results in under 30 minutes - most within 120 seconds, resulting in: 

Processed over 16.5K tests from
89 countries in less than 48 hours, providing the client with:

  • Expedited entry 

  • Automation and real-time health data 

  • Huge savings in administered tests 

  • No lines at test tents 

  • Less resource-intensive operations

  • A direct line of communications with white glove support 

  • Denied access to multiple cases and many
    falsified results

  • Safeguarded test data via privacy protocols

  • Customized test approvals and rejections per
    client playbook


Download CLEARED4’s Event Planning Checklist

The CLEARED4 events checklist helps identify risks and other factors that may affect your event as well as understand mitigation options for health and safety.

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CLEARED4 has helped millions of global organizations from as small as a 50-person event to as large as 50,000 people coming from different places which can be very complex to plan.


We are the leading platform for bringing people back to events:

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Incentive Travel

  • Fundraising Galas

  • International Travelers and Locations

  • User Conferences

  • Tradeshows/Associations

  • Large Venues for Live Events

  • In-Person Events


CLEARED4 is focused on
future-proofing domestic & international organizations
against COVID complexity

We are helping global enterprises regain normalcy via hosting safe and healthy meetings and events.

​CLEARED4 COVID-19 Safety Modules

✓  Customizable: We can quickly adapt to each client use case and pain point 

✓  Privacy compliant: We comply with global privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, FEFRA). We do not sell personal information.

✓  Fast: Our automated solutions operate in real time, be up and running in days

✓  Frictionless: We can integrate with any IT system (HR, building/venue access, etc.) and can operate on any device - no app to download, no passwords to remember

✓  Proven: With over 2 million active users worldwide, we are preventing outbreaks/business disruption, maintaining operational continuity and productivity

We know your pain points.
We have 2500 admins and over 3M+ members
using our platform.

The scenarios below illustrate some of the most common situations event planners face with regard to ensuring safe spaces and safe events.

“Access an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks who has completed the process, who has yet to engage with my compliance steps and the option for staff to help manage any health data updates.”

Ability for my team to work in real-time to apply our health and safety handbook in one place.

“Can quickly communicate to participants for last-minute health and safety changes in real-time.”

Allows for flexible business rules for a multi-day event with diverse people coming in from various locations arriving on different days.

“Need an easy way to collect accurate vaccine information to ensure the vaccination data is valid and current.”

"Easy validation of test results and automated contact tracing"

Find out how CLEARED4 tracked vaccine status and added a COVID testing requirement for over 16,000 attendees at a Las Vegas international event.



Large Global Event




American Cancer Society


Discover how the CLEARED4 communication platform was used to survey guests and staff, document their health attestations, and enable safe access to the event while maintaining HIPAA privacy laws.

Featured Global Clients and Partners

 CLEARED4 has been retained by organizations proactively protecting their workforce and visitors. A partial list of CLEARED4’s corporate clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia include corporations like Coinbase, Sun Chemical, American Cancer Society, Merative, Amadeus, Middlesex Savings Bank, and many more.


“I'm very pleased with the CLEARED4 platform. Our events have been running very smoothly. Anytime I had a question, the customer service team answered right away. One of the reasons we chose CLEARED4 was how easy the dashboard was to use from the beginning to the end. I didn’t have to be super tech-savvy to understand how to use it.”

Lisa Palmentiero | Director of Community Fundraising Projects | American Cancer Society

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