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Right Test. Right Time. Right Person.

CLEARED4 is the only automated platform that supports all types of testing in any environment, including online test ordering and management, all in one place.

Automated Product Fulfillment of Tests and More…

CLEARED4 now has the ability for clients and partners to let employees order COVID / Flu / RSV tests directly to their homes automatically, based on their playbook and business policies.

Ordering supplies is quick and simple with one easy click.

✓ Fast turnaround - within 24 hours

✓ Readily available inventory

✓ Rules based

✓ Ready for last minute gatherings and events

✓ Resulting and tracking

✓ Automatically connects to contact tracing

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Reduce the administration of managing your testing process. Automate your test management to CLEARED4 so you can be prepared as the tripledemic waves continue. Contact us to learn more >


9 Reasons for COVID Testing.

Diagnostic Testing


Return To Work (RTW) Isolation



Surveillance Testing

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Building Reopening


Large Events 50+


Office Outbreak




Return From Travel


Possible Exposure



What Happens if Someone Receives a Positive Test Result?

With highly infectious COVID-19 variants, positivity rates have been rising. CLEARED4 can help you develop and implement standard operating procedures for those who have tested positive including communication, contact tracing, access control, follow-up testing post quarantine period, reinstatement and ongoing COVID-19 test management. For example, with CLEARED4, a real-time positive test results means:

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Upload Test

Test results can be uploaded manually by admin, by the end user or
by the lab

C4_Resource_Center_Icons_Message User.png


The HR Administrator will immediately receive either a web alert, text message or an email

C4_Resource_Center_Icons_Health Status.png

Access Pass

The employee immediately loses their access pass. Their pass will be either reinstated by the administrator or when enough time has passed, they are no longer contagious or have tested negative

C4-Homepage Icons_Contact Tracing.png

Contact Tracing

The HR Administrator will immediately receive contact tracing information based on employee work groups, access history, etc. to communicate potential exposures, remove entry access until verified, be quarantined or receive a negative test result

Maintain healthy spaces for your workforce during any risk level - it’s all in the CLEARED4 platform.

Surveillance Testing in CLEARED4 is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 



Pick your audience, both inclusions and exclusions.


Pick your frequency of how often to test.


Click the “Create Your Campaign

Most COVID transmission is still asymptomatic. Approximately 60% of people don’t know they have COVID. As risk levels rise, Surveillance Testing removes those people from your population. CLEARED4 automates moving people into the right zones. Easily send messages to those at risk communicating potential exposures and instructions to wait until they receive a negative test result. Once they receive that result, they can move back into the right zone. Simply generate the reports you need for analysis.

We know your pain points.
We have 2500 admins and over 3M+ members using our platform.

Because of the ongoing nature up and down nature of COVID, your risk levels can be different in any location. Not testing is not an answer. These situations illustrate smart testing solutions.

Diagnostic Testing

Allows all of our employees  to automatically receive a test kit upon identifying they have symptoms after taking a health survey

If any team member tests positive for COVID, CLEARED4 automatically sends them a test

so that they can attest to

return-to-office following their mandated quarantine time.

Allows me to send tests out auto to users who are not up to date on their vax status

Selective Testing

Many of our employees are deciding to start coming back to the office periodically. Prior to their arrival to the office, they will automatically be sent a test kit.

Can isolate a key employee who was exposed to an infected employee that tested positive for COVID. CLEARED4 automatically sends a test kit to check for symptoms, to ensure the key employee did not contract COVID.

The ability to follow external/CDC guidelines showing our office location has a higher elevated risk of COVID, using CLEARED4 to automatically send test kits to our employees in that location to test for two weeks.

Teams are trying to gather in-office hybrid and remote workers together, once a month in one place. CLEARED4 allows for test kits to be sent automatically to all those individuals before they meet.

Some of our key employees are traveling from high-risk locations internationally. CLEARED4 allows for automated testing to be sent to them based on their location.

Allows us to randomly test a small portion of our population in a specific location/area to ensure we never have an outbreak.

The CLEARED4 Platform Has You Covered.

CLEARED4 is the only solution that supports any and all types of testing from onsite to at-home, self-tested or proctored, supporting all types of COVID test types, including Antigen, Molecular and PCR. In addition to COVID testing, we also support Flu and RSV testing. 


Clients can decide if the test users simply check the box to validate their results or if a live person needs to witness the testing process and to verify results. And, CLEARED4 is fully integrated into the lab and testing partner.

Test Services

How Does Test Management & Reporting Work?
There are 3 options:


Option 1:

With self-attestation, all you need to do is upload your test, check the box attesting to your identity, and then you’re good to go.


Option 2:
Real-time Validation/
Video Proctoring

Take the test wherever you are while a qualified live proctor keeps an eye on the process using video proctoring.

Learn about Video-Proctoring


Option 3:
Verified Digital Record
from a Lab

Verified, tamper free, direct from a digital database, lab, or medical record.


Looking at the person taking the test and looking at the test result is a two-part resulting process.

How Does Testing as a Service Work in the U.S.?

Our U.S. Lab Network Includes Partnerships with

95% of the Top Medical Labs & Over 30,000 Retail Drug Store Locations

  • Test onsite or at home, full or surveillance testing

  • Facilitate advance appointments or walk-in testing supported

  • Bulk order or individual dropship of COVID-19 test kits: antigen, PCR, or molecular options

  • Flexible payment options: e-commerce, direct pay, insurance, bulk order, etc.

  • Video proctor remote testing

  • Integrate results into CLEARED4 platform in real-time

Shield T3-logo.png

Premium In-Network

Option A: Use our Premium In-Network Labs for End-to-End Services 

  • User selects convenient location (Walgreens, CVS, etc.)

  • User takes the test at a location

  • User connects their results to CLEARED4 via drug store account 

  • Real-time dashboard monitoring

Humana Pharmacy logo.png
Optum logo.png
Walmart Pharmacy logo.png
Kroger Pharmacy logo.png
United Health logo.jpg
Costco Pharmacy logo.png

Retail Testing Network

Option B: Use Retail Testing Network that is Connected to CLEARED4

  • User self-swabs and self-reports test results

  • User uploads a photo or picture of their result into the platform

  • CLEARED4 can validate user report

  • Real-time dashboard monitoring

Option C: Test Anywhere and Have Users Directly Upload Results to CLEARED4


“There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our staff, students and guests.  We proactively chose CLEARED4 to offer a privacy-compliant system for managing COVID health information.  CLEARED4 helped ensure that access to the Center was only granted to those who were healthy and free of COVID. With the high infectiousness of the new variants along with the new NYC mandate, we plan to continue to use CLEARED4.”

Michelle Dobrusin | Human Resources Manager | Brennan Center for Justice, NYC

CLEARED4 delivers all kinds of tests - on-site or at home.
We can help you figure out what your organization needs.

With CLEARED4’s automated system, you can easily test small to large numbers of people and monitor progress from our real-time dashboard. With a detailed view of all test-taking activities, you stay informed and in control at all times. Learn more about video proctoring here.

Video Proctoring:

Affordable at-home video testing, anywhere in the world, any time.

Contact Tracing:

Track individuals globally with real-time monitoring.
Learn how...

contact trace.jpg
Get oversight and control for business continuity during critical events through aligned communication and notification across all locations. CLEARED4 helps organizations manage and mitigate the impact of critical events while ensuring safe entries. Read more...
Customized Health Booth:
  • Easier Access to Care
  • 24x7 COVID-19 Testing 
  • Cost-Effective
  • Portable

CLEARED4’s Testing as a Service helps organizations around the world stay open and operating.
Do you need to test your business continuity plan?

CLEARED4 helps you:

  • Quickly and easily schedule tests

  • Collect results

  • Provide building access in real-time

You’ll be able to stay open and operate with minimal disruption. Keep your business continuity plan up-to-date with CLEARED4. You can trust us to help you maintain safety and security for your staff and customers.

What is the Administrator Experience?

CLEARED4’s easy-to-use, privacy-compliant dashboard enables

clients to see an overview of their employees’ testing status, including:

  • Who is scheduled to be tested?

  • Who missed a test?

  • Who received a test result?

  • What was the result?

  • Who has met the rules?

  • Who is eligible for access?

Contact Us to learn how CLEARED4’s Testing as a Service helps organizations prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.
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