Virus Studies

Covid-19 Survelliance Testing

Determining and establishing a Covid-19 testing strategy and protocol can be a daunting task for administrators new to the pandemic world. Fortunately, CLEARED4 has medical professionals available for personal consultations to help tailor a custom strategy for each of our clients' unique circumstances.

Our medical team, for example, can help you determine which screening or diagnostic testing is most appropriate to your organization's situation. 


Our strategic partnerships can provide you with a end-to-end solution for detecting asymptomatic individuals and keeping them out of your workplace until they are cleared.


  • Through our partners, we offer the highest quality surveillance PCR tests using a pooled methodology to reduce the overall cost

  • HIPAA compliant including complete audit trail of all changes

  • CLEARED4 is integrated with all nationwide labs to confirm diagnostic Covid-19 test results from your staff or visitors

  • Over 1 million access passes issued with integrated access control

  • Test results are integrated into our health passes, so only those with negative Covid-19 tests can access your space


  • Two factor authentication is used to insure that only authorized personnel have access to platform

  • Personal data can be completely anonymized in the CLEARED4 platform

  • Real-time results direct from our lab partners

  • Fast, efficient, integrated and cost-effective pooled testing protocols

  • Minimize litigation exposure by insuring a safe work environment 

  • Tests can be issued via a central venue, or sent directly to staff at home

In Office Testing

  • Pooled testing kits may be self administered or administered by a health professional in a controlled environment

  • Testing kits are minimally invasive and easy to self administer

  • Results turnaround 12-24 hours

At Home Testing

  • Test kits may be mailed directly to home for self administration

  • Postage paid return envelopes provided

  • All necessary supplies and clear instructions included with kits

  • Individual identity verified to reduce fraud

  • Results turnaround 12-24 hours


Our Lab Partners

  • Integration with Employee Health Provider

  • Automatic daily or weekly EHR uploads

  • Nationwide partnership with a lab partners

  • Unique, leading-edge test kits provided for cost-effective beginning to end administration

  • Fast and efficient test results turnaround

Fast Results

  • Test Results automatically pushed to platform with confirgurable admin/HR notifications 

  • Access passes and status results automatically posted in user profile

  • Test results are HIPAA compliant and anonymized

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing

How To Optimize Covid-19 Testing Within Your Organization

Integrate Covid19 

Vaccine Verification™ with 3rd Party Apps

  • CLEARED4 may be a standalone web-based "app"

  • CLEARED4 may be embedded and branded in a third party app

  • User Data may be pulled in from third party app

  • Vaccine Data automatically updated from testing labs

vaccine verification-isolated-3rd-party.




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