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CLEARED4 is the most trusted cloud-based health verification platform in the industry that makes vaccine monitoring and managing

Covid-related safety and compliance both easy and cost effective.

We’ve Issued 10 Million

COVID Safety Passes.

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Proof of Vaccination Protocols are Crucial for Ensuring the Safety of Your Employees, Vendors, and Guests.

CLEARED4 can help ensure that you meet local and state requirements for your visitors and employees, and allow you to install vaccination only access or vaccination only zones in your building or at your event.

We Offer Our Clients Three Levels of Vaccine Monitoring to Choose From:


Vaccine Attestation

To attest their vaccination users are prompted to self attest to their vaccination status using a simple survey tool.  No app to download. CLEARED4 can also collect state mandated information that is required for health reporting and provides an admin dashboard for access control.


Vaccine Validation

To validate their vaccination  users are offered the option

of uploading their vaccination card and vaccine dosage. CLEARED4’s algorithm then checks the validity of the information and generates a unique access card. Users can also access and show their vaccination card digitally via CLEARED4.


Vaccine Verification To prevent vaccine card fraud, CLEARED4 offers an additional verification module that matches the user’s ID to their digital vaccination records to verify that a  vaccination took place.

Here Are the Core Features
of CLEARED4’s Vaccine Monitoring Platform:

Configurable settings for vaccination tracking based on changing business needs

Includes HIPAA compliant storage of user health data

Provides users with countdowns and alerts when vaccine boosters are needed

No App to download, provides Access Passes that can be scanned on arrival

Connect Vaccine Status to Access Control, Contact Tracing 

and Covid-19 Testing

Enable vaccinated individuals to benefit from new CDC rules

Vaccine Verification™

✓ Updated in real time

✓ Individual identity verified

✓ Integrated access control

✓ Immunity expiration countdown

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Updated in

Real time

  • Users may upload proof of vaccines or connect their EHR to their CLEARED4 profiles

  • CLEARED4 will update Vaccination records and ensure they are valid and not fraudulent

  • Users with a valid Covid-19 vaccine will be issued a special BluePass which can be scanned on entering a venue

  • CLEARED4 will also track vaccination expiry and notify users if they need to get another shot

  • Admin may review and grant special pass on case by case basis

Individual Identity Verified

CLEARED4 uses a variety of sophisticated ID verification tools to ensure vaccination data belongs to the pass holder.

We believe 2021 will see a great amount of vaccine fraud and using CLEARED4 allows you to be certain the vaccinations are real and current.


Integrated Access Control

By integrating Vaccine Verification into CLEARED4, organizations can now ensure that staff and visitors are safe when entering your premises.

Only those will a valid vaccine can show their BluePass, and have this integrated into your existing access control system.

Immunity Expiration Countdown

We are still early on in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but early indications are that the vaccine will only last for a few months to a year.

The CLEARED4 platform ensures the vaccine is still effective and is valid to the user with their BluePass.

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Integrate COVID-19 
Vaccine Verification™ with 3rd Party Apps

Our Vaccine Verification module can be integrated easily into your existing IOS or Android apps. So users don't have to leave your branded experience or site to validate their health status.