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Global Vaccine
Management & Verification

CLEARED4 can scan health passes/vaccination cards from over 40 countries. Our platform makes managing vaccine status COVID-19 related compliance both easy and cost-effective.

CLEARED4 Is the Only Real-Time, All-In-One, Easy-To-Use Solution

With ever-changing mandates, waning vaccine effectiveness, and fraudulent vaccination cards being used to gain access - organizations need to protect their people and their operations from disruption.  CLEARED4 offers a range of ways to manage vaccination status and vaccine evidence based on the health safety rules your organization has defined.

See how CLEARED4 empowers organizations of all sizes to manage

Vaccine Status and Access Control.

We Offer Our Clients Three Levels of Vaccine Monitoring to Choose From:


Vaccine Attestation

Users self attest to their vaccination status using a simple survey tool. No app to download. 


Vaccine Validation

To validate their vaccination, users upload their vaccination card or their global health pass documentation. CLEARED4’s algorithm then checks the validity of the information and generates a unique access code. 


Vaccine Verification

To prevent vaccine card fraud, CLEARED4 offers an additional verification module that matches the user’s ID to their digital vaccination records to verify that the  vaccination took place.

Additional Features of CLEARED4’s Global
Vaccine Monitoring Platform:

  • Privacy-compliant storage of user COVID-19 vaccination data 
    (Meets global regulations: HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA)

  • Immunity expiration countdown: provides users with alerts when vaccine boosters or additional shots are needed

  • No app to download: CLEARED4 can be accessed through any device with internet access

  • Real-time access control: only individuals who meet the organizations’ vaccination compliance criteria will be granted an access pass for safe entry to the premises.

Vaccine Verification™

✓ Updated in real-time

✓ Individual identity verified

✓ Integrated access control

✓ Immunity expiration countdown

vaccine verification-isolated copy.jpg

Updated in Real Time

  • Users may upload proof of vaccines or connect their global electronic health records to their CLEARED4 profiles.

  • CLEARED4 will update vaccination records and ensure they are valid.

  • Users with COVID-19 vaccine proof will be issued an access pass which can be scanned on entering a venue.

  • CLEARED4 will also track vaccination expiration and notify users if they need to get another shot.

  • Admin may review and grant access on case by case basis.

Individual Identity Verified

CLEARED4 makes it easy for users to upload their vaccination records into its platform and a dedicated review team will ensure that each record is valid to grant access privileges.

CLEARED4 uses a range of global ID verification tools to ensure vaccination data belongs to the pass holder.

Verification avoids vaccine fraud. Using CLEARED4 allows you to be certain the vaccination data are real and current.


Integrated Access Control

By integrating Vaccine Verification into CLEARED4, organizations can now ensure that staff and visitors are safe when entering your premises.

Only those will a valid vaccine can show their BluePass, and have this integrated into your existing access control system.

Vaccine Effectiveness

Research shows the vaccine will only last for a few months to a year. Organizations need to protect their people and their operations from disruption. CLEARED4 offers a range of ways to manage health status based on the health safety rules your organization has defined.

Cleared4-Monitor dashboard.png

Integrate COVID-19 
Vaccine Verification™ with 3rd Party Apps

Our Vaccine Verification module can be integrated easily into your existing IOS or Android apps. So users don't have to leave your branded experience or site to validate their health status.

Making it possible for people to get back together - safely.

CLEARED4 is a global, real-time COVID-19 and health risk management platform. We have millions of daily users, are used by hundreds of organizations around the world, and have powered over 100 million safe entries. 

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